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I am just now dipping my toes into the Linux desktop life with a Bazzite dual boot. I'm very impressed so far. The Steam Deck finally won me over on the Idea of switching.

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Not the best metaphor, because you can force yourself to like a food by continuing to eat it.

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That was the last movie I saw in theaters until two weeks ago when I saw Furiosa.

I enjoyed Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Furiosa was better, though.

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It's not in the headline. Even though I did read the article, I did miss where that is stated. I had to go back to the article to find that.

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Pragmatically, she's still going to vote for Trump. And that's still a problem.

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I used it when I was younger. I grew up and realized that it was not good to be exposed to that culture. Even when viewing it through a lens. Anonymity brings out the worst in people, and it's infectious.

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There's the "Seven Up!" series by the BBC. They filmed a bunch of kids at age 7, and then again at 14, 21, 28, etc.

The first was filmed in 1964 and 63 Up was filmed in 2019.

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I avoided Bojack Horseman for years because I thought it was going to be like so many other edgy adult cartoons. I thought I knew what it was going to be like. I was so wrong.

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Return to office has nothing to do with the people who do better in an office environment. It's about forcing those who don't do as well in an office, and those who the commute or time away from the house isn't feasible, back into the office.

Sometimes that "chance encounter" is really just one mouthy coworker cornering another coworker who doesn't like saying no even though they have work they need to attend to. For those people, just avoiding chatty coworkers is a challenge and they get less done because people won't leave them alone with tangential bullshit.

Some of your coworkers have sensory issues that are constantly irritated and distracted by being in a loud, bright, and chaotic office.

This isn't about you. You were always allowed to be in the office (save for pandemic lockdowns). So don't make it about you.

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I remember seeing some cop show a long time ago where they couldn't figure out how this guy kept screwing up their lot detector tests they were forcing him to take. They found out he was putting a tack under his big toe and using this trick so they scheduled him for another test, but they kept moving him from one building to another looking for the room they were supposed to be in, forcing him to walk a lot.

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I never used Omegle

Then why are you talking about it? Why come here just to spew completely uniformed conjecture?

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They literally could not give one fuck less. They are probably being paid or otherwise are getting some other kind of kickback to push these apps. Colleges are...I hesitate to say greedy, but let's call it "capitalistic".

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