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So this utility given a directory or path, will move randomly files in subdirectories and will move subdirectories randomly too. CAREFUL, if given system directory it will probably trash the system, equivalent of doing rm -rf /, except all the files are still there! :)

I don't know why I came up with this idea nor if its original but its mine.

You might ask, whats the use case, well that's an interesting question, you know why? Because... 🏃

(Of course, I'm open to feedback.)

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Find your Device with an SMS or online with the help of FMDServer. This applications goal is to track your device when it's lost and should be a...

Decentralized Encrypted P2P Chat (chat.positive-intentions.com)
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I'm excited to share with you an instant messaging application I've been working on that might interest you. This is a chat app designed to work within your browser, with a focus on browser-based security and decentralization.

What makes this app unique is that it doesn't rely on messaging servers to function. Instead, it works based on your browser's javascript capabilities, so even low-end devices should work.

Here are some features of the app:

  • Encrypted messaging: Your messages are encrypted, making them more secure.
  • File sharing: Easily share files using WebRTC technology and QR codes.
  • Voice and video calls: Connect with others through voice and video calls.
  • Shared virtual space: Explore a shared mixed-reality space.
  • Image board: Browse and share images in a scrollable format.

Your security is a top priority. Here's how the app keeps you safe:

  • Decentralized authentication: No central server is required for login, making it harder for anyone to gain unauthorized access.
  • Unique IDs: Your ID is cryptographically random, adding an extra layer of security.
  • End-to-end encryption: Your messages are encrypted from your device to the recipient's device, ensuring only you and the recipient can read them.
  • Local data storage: Your data is stored only on your device, not on any external servers.
  • Self-hostable: You have the option to host the app on your own server if you prefer.

The app is still in the early stages and I'm exploring what's possible with this technology. I'd love to hear your feedback on the idea and the current state of the app. If you have any feature requests or ideas, I'm all ears in the comments below!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

The live app

About the app


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Flameshot is a free and open-source, cross-platform tool to take screenshots with many built-in features to save you time.

ELI5: What is RISC-V? (sh.itjust.works)
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So this very large company who shall remain nameless distributes a proprietary software development environment that includes a patched version of a certain, well-known open-source debugging tool.

The patch is to make said open-source tool support their products. It's not even hidden or anything: the binary is sitting right there in the installation directory, it's called the exact same thing the vanilla debugger is called and when I run it on the command line, it clearly says "patched for xyz".

The tool in question is distributed under the GPLv2 and I need to modify it for my own project. So I sent an email to the company to request the source code for their modification, but they refuse by playing dumb and pretending they don't understand the question. They keep telling me the source code to their IDE is not public. I keep telling them I don't want their IDE but the source for the modified GPL backend tool they bundle with it. But no: they claim it's part of their product and they won't release it.

Anybody knows the best course of action to deal with this? It's the first company I've dealt with that explicitly refuses to honor the GPL. I don't even think it's malice: I'm fairly sure the L2 support guy handling my ticket was told to deny my request by his clueless supervisor who didn't bother escalating it. But it's also a huge company that's known to be aggressive and litigious, whereas I'm just one guy and I'm not lawyering up over this. I have other hills to die on.

Who should I pass the potato to? The FSF?

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Been trying it for a little while. It's exactly what I have been looking for.

  • Works great
  • is encrypted
  • can be self hosted
  • edge ML for photo search (not perfect yet)
  • S3 backend #ente
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Like Localshare but works over the internet?

Any recommendations appreciated

Thanks in advance

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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/1051933

Magic-tape is an image supporting fuzzy finder command line interface YouTube client.



Image rendering can be done with the use of ueberzugpp, ueberzug, kitty terminal or chafa.


With magic-tape, through the main menu, the user can:

  • Browse videos from subscriptions.

  • Browse through trending video feed.

  • make a video search, using keywords or phrases.

  • Watch a previously watched video (watch history).

  • Browse videos from a subcsribed channel.

  • Watch a liked video.

  • Repeat the previous selection.

  • Repeat a previous search (search history).

  • Watch/download video/audio content, in various formats.

Through the miscellaneous menu the user can

  • Set up Preferences (configuration).

  • Like / Unlike a video.

  • Synchronize the above actions with their YouTube account.

  • Import subscriptions from YouTube.

  • Subscribe to/ Unsubscribe from a channel.

  • Clear their watch/search history, liked videos, thumbnail cache.

Strava alternative? (sh.itjust.works)
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I need to track cardio with terrain data, but I'd rather not trust Strava with my privacy. I know there are some alternatives, but which one is the most reliable and feature-rich? I don't have smart accessories, just and android phone. Preferably, I'd like an app that let's me track added weights for calorie purposes (like rucking).

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As Original forget we not is archived now Without giving sync functionality. So, Do anyone know of similar addon.

Must Available for android and active development

Plus Sync functionality already implemented.

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Hi everyone,

as I don't need to do extensive video manipulation but simple cutting/compression of videos as well as extraction from every "nth" video frame to save as picture. I've been using avidemux and VirtualDub in the past for this purpose. However, both avidemux and VirtualDub are last updated in 2012/2023 and thus not up-to-date anymore. Thus, I am now looking for a linux-ready, FOSS, and up-to-date solution to do the same. Shotcut, Kdenlive and OpenShot are much too extensive in features for the simple things that I am looking for it to do. Does anyone here have good recommenations?

Thanks for your help! Temperche

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In the inaugural episode of the OSS Climate Podcast, host Richard Littauer chats with our first guest, Koen Hufkens, the founder of BlueGreen Labs. They talk about the use of open source tools to address climate change issues, the role of community science, and the responsibility of open source maintainers towards their users. Koen also discusses the challenges of maintaining open source software, the impact of the European Union’s Cyber Resiliency Act on small-scale developers like him and highlights the importance of contributing to a solution for the current climate crisis.

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I'm currently looking to develop an open source app that can help somebody. I'm currently out of ideas, so I'd like to heard if from you guys.

Sorry if it seems to lazy to ask for ideas like that, I just thought that I could do it since the result will be a free app.

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I think this way of implementing and using AI is actually good from all perspectives (probably except some legal aspects but I don't think Mozilla will add a legally grey feature). What do you think about it?

And I'm sorry if it's already posted here. I didn't find any posts on this topic myself

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Here's a Video about this

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Just wondering what people are using to meet the 2FA requirement GitHub has been rolling out. I don't love the idea of having an authenticator app installed on my phone just to log into GitHub. And really don't want to give them my phone number just to log in.

Last year, we announced our commitment to require all developers who contribute code on GitHub.com to enable two-factor authentication (2FA)...

The problem with GIMP (www.spacebar.news)
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