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There's so little news about Valve that anything is worth writing an article about, apparently.

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I am skeptical on letting my friends in my house. I am not going let a random person with high odds of having some sort of physical/mental issue in my house no thank you.

Will I help? Absolutely. Just in anywhere that isn't my house.

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go to settings , updates to try to revert to previous version: no option to install older version , only option is export. weird ok lets try to export old version . Now it lets me install that

Yeah... that's user error. Don't ever do that. I suggest creating a bug report if things go wrong again.



I can't exactly make out what it says after the error code thanks to the mystery unicode characters but I will try my best.

"The package couldn't pass the updating, or verification."

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I really hope that there is a logical reason for Mozilla's stupid choices. Because I can't think of one.

You could swap out the Firefox shortcut on their home screen with an 'open Google(.)com in Firefox' shortcut.

That's what I will do.

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I already did. And they "don't like" it. They want to see the Google logo for some reason.


Recently I installed Firefox on my parents' phones (uBlock Origin too) in order to make them surf the web more securely as we've had a few cases in the past with malware. (Google Chrome, the advertisement company's browser, does not like ad blockers. Wonder why?)

All they care about it is it openning Google.com and apparently they don't like Firefox's home screen. There are only options for "the last tab", "home screen" and "home screen after few hours of inactivity" but no option to go to a specific web address. In this case, google.com.

So... how do?

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Network access requires root, unfortunately. The rest seems to work fine on non-rooted devices though.

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My phone's rooted so my use cases are:

  • Disabling network access for certain apps
  • Backing up and restoring app data, apk, rules etc.
  • Task manager
  • Can use intents to create shortcuts (never really tried though)
  • View an app's activities and create shortcuts for those
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And then one day you find ten years have got behind you No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

Time - Pink Floyd

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That my view is narrow

Yes. Your view is narrow. You do not care about the technical details and just label Firefox as "bad/broken" because you do not know how to work with it. That is a pretty narrow view. You do not care about the idealogical reasons that people bring up in here either.

and that developers somehow can't have narrow views.

I am expecting a person that is talented enough to be a developer to not have narrow views.

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With all due respect, I disagree. As long as people that are uneducated on sex exist there will always be children born. And there will always be uneducated people around. So we are covered on that.

I think what your mother implies by her words is that no one's life will be perfect. I'm an optimistic person so that is total bullshit to me. What I'm asking for is far from perfection. I really do not think being financially stable/independent and being away from my parents is a lot to ask for.

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This is a complicated question. I hate kids. Multiple. They are loud, dumb. But when there's only one kid, I actually really like interacting with them! It's so much fun to forget who I am for a moment and play games with a kid! I love teaching new things to them and seeing them try them out.

I will only "have" a kid when the conditions are ideal. That being, finacially stable and away from my family. I do not want them to corrupt the kid's mind with their religion bullshit. A partner for me is not neccesary. I also plan on adopting a kid rather than making one. Infant or a kid? I'm uncertain.

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Version: 0.4.0

Votes don't show up in both posts and comments. Issue began upon updating to 0.4.0

Logged out and in. Nothing changed.


What's your position in your imaginary world? What do you see yourself as? As a person that you want to be or as a perfect version of your current self? Or do you not imagine yourself as yourself at all? In some other form? Not as a human but rather some sort of an idea?

Are you always on the top in your imaginations or do you imagine yourself to be not the most important person?

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For me, it was learning English. Although I do make a few mistakes here and there, I'm mostly perfect on it.

The amount of resources you have access to dramatically increases when you know a universal language. I say dramatically because it made me realize how much my native language lacks when it comes to certain topics. The most obvious one to me was tech and computers. Everybody knows how to use Windows but there are very few resources about stuff beyond Windows. It's actually sad. [insert sad face here]


I hope you all are having a good day. I would like to start by saying that I'm the "can't take compliments" guy who posted a while back about how he "can't take compliments". I've been thinking about something for a while. That being the situation in the title.

Now, there is a girl that I really like. Let's call her Cass. Cass and I are very similar. We both share similar interests. Reading books, discussions about philosophy etc. But we are also similar character wise. What I mean by that is that we both like to make jokes and are great at it too, etc. etc.

I am comfortable around girls. No issues with that. But I've been just really, really, shy around her. To the point where I straight up leave the room if I see her. For a person such as myself, this is a pretty odd behavior. Because I give zero crap about what other people think of me.

So instead of endlessly questioning myself, I decided to use this as an opportunity to think.

Why do we humans do this? Cass is perfectly capable of getting along and understanding me. So why am I nervous around her? Is it because I sub-conciously put Cass on a pedestal? Even though it's kind of illogical considering she's a very pick-me girl with mental issues? (For clarification, I did not mean these parts of her character when I said that we were similar. But who's to say I'm perfect?)

This has been bugging for a while. Low self-esteem? I have plenty of it. Fear of being judged? Might be if I really am putting her on a pedestal.

So... what's your opinion? I might make a post about her situation one day. Because she's certainly an interesting person. It's interesting how depression can destroy someone.


Not to brag but I'm a pretty confident person in my social circle. I'm funny, make people laugh etc. etc.

Basically, I am adored by everybody.

But there is something that I noticed about myself lately. Regularly people come up to me to chat and sometimes they compliment me. Now, complimenting isn't a bad thing, obviously. But I just don't feel anything when I receive them.

However I enjoy it when people talk good things about me when I'm not present. I, again, don't feel anything when people talk shit about me when I'm not present. BUT I really enjoy it when people straight up come at me and say something bad at me. My mood increases and I spend the rest of my day happier.

Is this some kind of a defense/coping mechanism that I have unintentionally developed? I don't see anything bad about this.

It's also worthy to say that I spent the majority of my life isolated up until a few years ago. No compliments at all but nobody to say bad things either. Is this why I fail to appreciate compliments?


This might also be an automatic response to prevent discussion. Although I'm not sure since it's MS' AI.


A few months ago I dropped my phone (Samsung Galaxy A70) and the screen broke. Got a new phone, problem solved. But there is some data on it that I forgot to include in my backups. Very small files but important for achive purposes.

Screen (touch input too) and the speaker are dead. I know the password (obviously) but how will I go around doing this? First thing that came to my mind is connecting the phone to a computer via USB. But there are some obstacles.

The phone is rooted and has LineageOS 20 (and Lineage Recovery) installed. The phone is on vibration or muted mode. Therefore an external speaker isn't of much use. The OS is most likely fully functional. I can tell when the screen is on and not by holding the power button. If it's on, it will vibrate which indicates the power menu has openned. If it's off, the flashlight will turn on.

Phone has a USB-C 2.0 port and the wireless cast doesn't work due to Google Services being absent (apparently) so no video output. First thing I tried doing is just straight up connecting it to a computer. Obviously it didn't work because I didn't unlock the phone and a security feature that only uses USB for power unless otherwise is told is active. That setting can be changed via a notification. So I tried connecting a mouse and keyboard. I couldn't if anything was happening or if the peripherals were connected at all.

So what do I do? I'm thinking of booting into Lineage Recovery and see if I can do anything with ADB or fastboot. But probably not since the data is encrypted.

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This year we made good progress. You know, Linux gaming becoming better, Reddit fucking up, Metaverse failing etc. But on the other hand Big Tech has or are planning to make some moves. Such as, Google's Web Enviroment Integrity API (EDIT: they backed off), UK's encryption bill, etc.

So what do you think of the future? I'm currently optimistic. I think the best recent event was Reddit fucking up. Obviously one of the biggest information sources going down that path isn't something to celebrate. But it was bound to happen. I believe decentralized social networks becoming more popular is what Aaron Swartz would have wanted if he saw how Reddit was being managed.


Is there a product out there that can be used in the way the picture below (or above) shows? A really small speaker that's in (or silighly bigger) the similar size of phone's built-in speaker.

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