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Hi I got the following problem. I successfully created a Tailscale network and a user from outside the network can login and connect to my network. That part works properly. We use a Fedora Linux PC as a host (Sunshine) and Moonlight Client on a Windows 10 PC. After tinkering for hours we can now see each other but I get the following issue "Request Timed Out (Error 4)" This issue always happens after inputting the PIN which is displayed on the Windows (Moonlight) on my Fedora PC (Sunshine) the client cannot connect after that but still sees my PC online and as a viable option to connect.

Additional Info: I've asked in the Moonlight Discord but I still got no answer.

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Hello, I've run into a weird issue when trying to play some Warframe.

When running the game all of the performance stats seems to be reporting a solid 200+ FPS but the framerate feels choppy as if I were playing on 60 FPS. I'm playing on a 240hz monitor and I notice the framerate is not at all close to 100 even though both the game and mangohud is reporting 200+ FPS.

I've tried running GEProton 9.6, GEProton 9.7 and Proton Experimental through Steam but nothing seems to solve the issue. I'm also using VKD3D_FEATURE_LEVEL=12_0 to enable DX12 (DX11 has the same issue) aswell as gamemoderun for any possible improvements. Note that this all persists even without any flags. I have also tried disabling the Steam In-game Overlay but that didn't help either.

Does anyone have any information on what could possibly be going on here or anything that could help? I will post my specs below.

OS: Nobara Linux 40 DE: KDE PLasma 6.0.5 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X RAM: 32GB (2x16) DDR4 3200Mhz GPU: AMD RX 6800 XT

Update: I found out that the issue seems to be related to KDE, when running in GNOME (Wayland) the displayed framerate matches what is reported via game and MangoHud.

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Old style graphics (a la sim city) for a satirical game centered on a mechanic that was excluded by sim city because it would have been boring, as revealed by a developer

The developer mentioned it's being built on Linux, so it will of course have Native Linux support.

The car industry has identified a few places on earth that do not know THE FREEDOM OF CAR DEPENDENCY.

So they hired you to increase car sales and oil consumption.

How? By building the greatest car parks ever!

Turn neighborhoods into car parks, create the need for car commuting and parking. Use propaganda to inform people on why they need it.

Learn to become a real tycoon… Asphalt means freedom, right?

Cross-post da: https://feddit.it/post/8640086

hamachi alternative (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Hi thank you for helping me with my last issue (Sunlight remote desktop). Now I have encountered another issue VPN. I'd like to use Hamachi to play remotely with a friend (he'll be using Moonlight to connect to my Linux PC) the problem is that he's using a M1 Mac and Hamachi is not working on those. Maybe you guys have a better and open source alternative for Hamachi that's also "easy" to setup and connect to.

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Hi, recently I bought HDR monitor I wanted to try out gaming in HDR so I downloaded Shadow of the Tomb Raider I got year or two years ago for free on Epic, turned on HDR in settings and well... It looks worse than SDR. Colors are way less saturated, everything is really faded.

I thought that maybe that's the fault of monitor or something but knowing HDR is kinda new in Linux I decided to spin up old windows partition to see if it looks any better. And to my surprise it looked great!

Is there a way to fix those faded colors?

I'm running Kernel 6.6, Plasma 6 (Wayland), Heroic Launcher, Proton Experimental with launch options: DXVK_HDR=1. GPU is RX 6700 XT and monitor is Gigabyte M27Q.

I tried running it also with gamescope but effect was the same.

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Bottles not working (sh.itjust.works)
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When I launch Ape out, it does not launcher it only gives this error.

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Hello I'm a total Linux noob. As in I downloaded Fedora 40 (Nobara) and I can use it to game, do office work, Discord, etc. but some pieces of software i.e. Sunshine (remote desktop) are pretty tough to unterstand. Can anybody pls help me? I downloaded it from flathub but I can't make it work...

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Hi all!

I've recently come across an issue with launching games from steam. For now I've seen it happen on two games (or rather demos): Crow Country and Sophonce. They launch fine but have some flickering black blocks on the screen that make them unplayable. Here are some images:




This only happens when they go full-screen and on wayland, on X11 works fine. I've tried many versions of proton including eggroll variants.

The games work fine when launched with wine without steam in the middle if i do wine <game.exe> . If i do it this way the games detect that I'm running on an ultra-wide screen and play as such but through steam they stay on 16:9 instead.

My system:

Os: Nobara 40
Kernel: 6.8.12-200.fsync.fc40.x86_64
DE: Gnome 46.2
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D (16) @ 5,05 GHz
GPU 1: AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

Any help is appreciated,


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[Switched to Proton Experimental and everything is working flawlessly.]


I have Baldurs Gate 3 and Cyberpunk on GoG - I just tried to install them using Heroic Launcher.

Cyberpunk will open the CDProjekt launcher, but then the game wont start. Baldur will say running - but its not running at all.

I've seen other people saying these games just pretty much work straight up when using Heroic and Im not quite sure what to troubleshoot here as I've not use heroic before (regardless, I got further with Heroic than i did with Lutris for GoG)

Any one else hit these snags? Let me know what information you need from me and i will gladly provide it, im still a linux noob, but can find what ya need if you can tell me what I need to provide to help trouble shoot.

Im using Pop_os.

Thank you in advance!

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As the title says, I want to play the Epic Games version of Just Cause 4. I have got the same version of wine as the version Lutris uses - wine-ge-8.26 - and I've copied the wine prefix to get the same files exactly. I run Just Cause 4, and on Lutris is runs at an easy 60fps on High, but from the CLI it runs at about 20fps on Low. Anyone have an idea for why this happens?

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Hi guys. my first post here if i do something wrong please tell me so i can fix it. Anyways. Like i said in the title, game's FPS drops significantly on cutscenes in match (intro, x-ray and fatality) In game i mostly get fixed 60 fps but when it comes to prerendered scene FPS drops. I did wait for cache for rendering and i use game's recommended graphic settings.

PS : This doesn't happen in story mode cutscenes they're mostly fine

My specs are : CPU : Ryzen 5 5600H GPU : Nvidia RTX 3060 Max-Q Driver : Nvidia 550 proprietary driver Ram : 16 GB OS : Arch Linux Kernel : Linux 6.9.3-arch1-1

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I was wondering if anyone could offer some insights.

Bit the bullet and purchased Alan Wake 2 on the Epic Game Store. With the DLC on the way I just can't wait any longer and maybe this one will never come to Steam? (With Epic as publishers, who knows)

I've installed Heroic Game Launcher, downloaded the latest Wine-GE and Proton-GE, downloaded the game and managed to get it running. Tried it with both Wine-GE and Proton-GE. No noticeable difference.

My specs:

  • Intel Core i7 10700K
  • 48Gb RAM
  • Radeon RX 7800 XT 16Gb
  • Manjaro Linux, kernel 6.9
  • Mesa 24.1.1 (using the mesa-nonfree repo)
  • Game is installed on my 1TB NVME drive

I'm running things on Medium/High, with FSR2 on Balanced, in 2560x1440

No raytracing enabled anywhere.

Honestly, it doesn't matter what resolution I choose. Even when running is 720p on Low, the framerate is the same.

I get around 27 fps with regular dips into the lower 15-20 when I spin the camera around quickly.

I've finished the first chapter (just in the morgue) and the framerate got choppier and choppier. I get Bright Falls has a lot more going on than the intro woodsy bit. But at this rate, I'm just not sure what to do.

When I look at other people on YouTube, their framerates are much higher. Even on Linux. And with less powerful hardware. Other games run MUCH faster. I get AW2 is demanding, but I can play CP2077: Phantom Liberty at 140+ fps in Dog Town on High in 1440p with FSR2 enabled, so I don't feel that AW2 should tank my PC that hard.

Is there something I'm overlooking here? I've tried the CyberFSR as well, made no noticeable difference.

Mangohud shows my CPU is consistently around 50% and my GPU is around 40% so there's definitely room to push things more, I feel. So why isn't AW2 using these resources?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love this game and want to play it, but the framerate is stopping me from really enjoying it.

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How are people coping with games that just won't run on Linux (aside from leaving them behind)? Do you dual boot Windows? Virtualize? What's your strategy for this?

This will be extremely rare for me since I don't play a lot of competitive stuff, but I'd love to find a solution. I have a large library, and it's bound to happen from time to time.

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Graphics related info:

  • Driver: Mesa 24
  • GPU: Intel Arc A770
  • DE: KDE 6
  • WM: KWin (Wayland)
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Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask if its possible to make mods for Hogwarts Legacy entirely on a Linux machine, and if it is if anyone can point me to any resources to get started with setting it up on Linux (guides specific to making actual mods I can probably find easily and I guess will be relevant regardless of if the guide is made on a Windows machine).

That's all, and thanks in advance!

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