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We’re now at a point where transitioning fully to the open-source GPU kernel modules is the right move, and we’re making that change in the upcoming R560 driver release.


Back in June the developers of Fishards put out a bit of an ultimatum: fight them in-game and win to make the game open source, or they will nuke the game from orbit.

Thankfully, the community came together, and won. So now Fishards has been made open source, and it's still free to play on Steam too.


Yesterday, July 1st, they announced the Alpha release of this next-generation mod manager and their new Product Manager got in touch to mention they "would be really keen to get feedback from Linux users". So this is your chance to ensure Linux (and Steam Deck) finally become a first-class citizen for game modding.

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RIP our wallets 😓

Steam Summer Sale 2024 is live now (
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The time is finally here. The next big stable update to the NVIDIA proprietary driver for Linux with version 555.58 bringing Wayland Explicit Sync.

Following on from the initial NVIDIA 555.42.02 Beta and the 555.52.04 Beta, NVIDIA noted some rather vague "Minor bug fixes and improvements" since the last Beta. With this release, you should be truly good to go with Wayland on NVIDIA GPUs now.

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Sorry for the trouble

No problem! I'm glad I could help :)

Do lutris always download user-made scripts, or is it just if you select it?

Lutris does not automatically download user-made scripts; you have to add them manually.

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The only times I've encountered a game or program not launching via Bottles, it had to do with missing dependencies and/or other issues with the installer.

SteamDB has a list of dependencies that are used for Ape Out, of which you can try adding to your Bottle.

However, I would try running the game in Lutris; In Lutris, if you encounter issues with the game, you can click on "show logs" which will (hopefully) help you out a great deal. Lutris uses their own runtime which is primarily pulled from Valve's Steam runtime (IIRC), saving you from having to hunt for dependencies (if missing dependencies are the issue).

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You can check if it's using the Discrete GPU by going into "Details" in your game's bottle, then go into "settings", and make sure that the toggle for "Discrete Graphics" is turned on. You can also set an environment variable; DRI_PRIME=1. Also might want to check your HDMI or DP cable is plugged into your GPU. You could also try checking GPU usage while the game is running, and seeing if it's using your GPU at all.

You said you moved to Fedora from Pop_OS; If you are using an Nvidia GPU, you might want to check if you've got the Nvidia Proprietary drivers installed or the Nouveau drivers. You can check this by running lsmod | grep nvidia in a terminal. If you get any output whatsoever then you're using the Nvidia Proprietary drivers, which is what you want for gaming.

If it is a shader issue; in the same "settings" in bottles make sure DXVK and VKD3D aren't disabled. There's no real way to bypass shader compiling. All your games need to compile shaders.

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Happy to help!

It runs at 3–5 fps, and the CPU is maxed

Do you have a GPU or are you running the game on integrated graphics? Running on integrated graphics can definitely be the issue here but It's more likely that it's shader compilation however.

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Assuming when you created the bottle, you chose "gaming", it will use "soda" as it's default runner, which is based off of proton. Maybe try going into preferences, runners, then click on "Soda", and try messing around with different versions.

According to the latest ProtonDB reports of Ape Out, Proton 8.0-5 was being used. Looking at my available "Soda" runners in bottles, I see soda-8.0-2,soda-9.0-1, and soda-experimental_8.0 as the latest runners available. I would try using those runners as a start.

Also, (I only now just noticed it), under preferences, in General, there is an "Integrations" section. Under that there's "Steam Proton Prefixes", which (I assume) allows you to use Proton prefixes.

Here are the following commands, depending on your installation method of Steam to give permissions to Steam's path if it doesn't have it already.

Steam non-Flatpak:

flatpak override --user com.usebottles.bottles --filesystem=xdg-data/Steam

Steam Flatpak:

flatpak override --user com.usebottles.bottles --filesystem=~/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/data/Steam

Alternatively you can use Flatseal and add the path: ~/.var/app/com.valvesoftware.Steam/data/Steam

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Streaming games to my living room just got a whole lot better😎

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I don't think it ships with a desktop environment by default; I think they're just referring to the Qt framework. If it is mentioning a desktop environment - it's probably LXQt.

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LMAO. Microsoft really made Windows Server and won't even use that crap themselves.

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