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There are some relatively nice custom themes.

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No, I am European and I am painfully aware of the right-wing ursupation of the originally anarchist term "libertarian" in the USA.

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I’m not sure I like the idea of relays instead of instances.

Relay operators hold almost the same power as AP instance operators, but are much less visible to public scrutiny and accountability for their actions.

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That's an interesting point. Where are you quoting this from?

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They are in the USA, just not of the specific MAGA lunacy.

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The point is rather that RISC-V is only open-specifications and most available chip designs are not open-source or only partially so in the open-hardware sense.

No one would claim that the Ethernet specifications are open-hardware, yet you see the same (false) claim for RISC-V all the time.

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Yes, but open-specifications doesn't mean open-hardware.

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You should get in contact with the people behind: https://loops.video/

The main dev is the one that also does Pixelfed and he needs developer help and also asked for it specifically for Loops.

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Excellent! Some good news at least.

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And like a bar, serving the drinks is the least of your problem... cough moderation cough

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Groups are not (yet) supported by the proposed interoperability anyways... and don't hold your breath. It will likely take years for Meta and the EU in courts before they stop with their malicious compliance.

There are working WA bridges for XMPP and Matrix though if you are willing to selfhost.

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I think once groups land in Pixelfed and the new app is released on the official app-stores, which will hopefully both happen this month, it is probably the best option if people are used to IG and Facebook.

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Basically a modernised PCengine APU4, which sadly got discontinued.

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Cooperative stealth game created over the span of 4 months by a team of 6 students from the Łódź University of Technology.

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Due to unfortunate circumstances the second mod here stepped down and I am also having issues properly moderating this lemmy.ml community due to various smaller bugs with federated moderation of Lemmy.

So it would be nice if someone, preferably with a lemmy.ml account, would be willing to help out.

This community is mostly uncontroversial, so it really isn't that much work.

Edit: We have two volunteers. I guess that is sufficient for now. Thanks!

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