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Hi everyone, This isn't the biggest issue, but it's a bit concerning, and I'm hoping someone knows a solution.

I have my autoplay settings to block audio and video, with just the default exceptions. However, certain sites, such as https://youtubetranscript.com/ will autoplay videos anyway. (Try pasting a URL of a YouTube video in there and search, and the results will immediately start playing, which is aggravating and has actually disturbed people before when I forget that's a thing that happens.)

I've done some searching, and checked about:config, but I think everything is okay in there.

I've also tested this in LibreWolf, where the exact same thing happened.

I also attempted to test it in Tor, but for some reason I am unable to connect to the Tor network right now.

I'm hoping I can find the root of the problem since clearly if it happens on this site, then it's likely to happen on others, and I'd rather not have videos autoplaying when I expect them not to.

This may or may not happen in other browsers, but it's still a Firefox issue, since Firefox presents us with a setting to disable autoplay, and one would expect it to work.

Edit: Bonus side note: The reason I couldn't connect to Tor is the new version isn't working. The solution is to downgrade to 12.5.3 and disable automatic updates for now.

Edit: See solution by @[email protected] below

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Hey @mozilla, how can I have this page as RSS?


(I couldn't find any RSS or atom links in the HTML source)

cc @firefox

#mozilla #firefox #infosec

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Mozilla seems to be asleep at the wheel, when it once drove online activity and communications. We have some suggestions where it could go.

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There are some cookies I don't want deleted, like ones I log into often with my credentials. Is there a way to mark those as "exceptions" when deleng all website data?

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To do this, first you need to have Firefox Nightly or Beta installed on your phone, then go to addons.mozilla.org and search in the search bar for User-Agent Switcher and install it by pressing the "Add to Firefox" button and now you should have User-Agent Switcher installed.

Now, you must press the 3 dots on the Firefox toolbar and go to Add-ons and open User-Agent Switcher.

Once there, choose Firefox 117 (or whatever version is available at the time you read this) and it doesn't matter if it's Windows or Linux, but to keep things simple choose Windows / Firefox 117.

Now, go to addons.mozilla.org again and again press the 3 dots and activate the option that says "Desktop site" and that's it, now you should be able to install any addon you want by going to the addon you want and pressing the "Add to Firefox" button, then you will get a pop-up asking if you want to add the addon and simply press yes.

I hope this guide is useful to someone! I recently came across this by chance and really found absolutely no information regarding this, so I posted it here.

It should be noted that not all extensions work as expected, some don't even open, but most of them work.

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Does a Firefox equivalent to TubeSift Bookmarker exist?

I did a brief search of Firefox extensions, but couldn't find anything. Most of the ad-related YouTube extensions seemed devoted to blocking ads, rather than archiving and cataloguing them.

My current workflow is as follows:

  • Right-click on the video player, select "Copy debug info"
  • Alt+Tab to a text editor
  • Ctrl+V the debug info into text editor
  • Ctrl+F for "addocid"
  • Ctrl+C the advertisment video id
  • Alt+Tab back to browser
  • Ctrl+N to open new browser window
  • Type "youtu.be/"
  • Ctrl+V the video id
  • Wait a fraction of a second for the URL to redirect from youtu.be/[video_id] to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[video_id]&feature=youtu.be to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[video_id]
  • Ctrl+D to bookmark the video
  • Ctrl+W to close the browser window

I can usually do this in under 15 seconds, but I would like to find a faster (or completely automatic) method. Does anyone have any recommendations?

P.S. As for why I want to do this, I like to have the option of rewatching or referencing an interesting or funny ad at a later date. Most ads are unlisted videos, which makes them nigh impossible to look up.

workspaces like vivaldi? (sh.itjust.works)
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Hey everyone. I'm just migrating to floorp (first time maining firefox in 15 years) and I'm wondering if there's any good workspaces extensions. I think I've tried them all, but i've found nothing that let's me handle workspaces across multiple windows the way vivaldi does.

Basically what I want is workspaces the way vivaldi handles them. You can create a workspace and add tabs to it. you can select to open a workspace in a new window so when you close the window that workspace is saved and you can reopen it whenever you want.

What I've found with the workspace extensions I've tried so far is that when you open a new window, none of your workspaces are saved, so it's like a blank workspace. Floorp has workspaces but it only works for one window at a time.

Does anyone have suggestions how I could replicate vivaldi's workspaces functionaltiy without going back to that browser?

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Hey there, I'm a long time firefox user and have never ever had any problems with firefox. But after the latest update, the browser will now just randomly freeze and it happens very often. It will freeze for over a minute at the time, making it impossible to use the browser. I've refreshed firefox as suggested on their websites, I've reinstalled but still all the same. Anyone got any suggestions to what I can try? Or anyone else experienced the same thing?

Edit: Using Garuda Linux

Solved: It's not firefox, it's Garuda issues. Thanks for the tips and tricks everyone gave 🙌

Firefox 118.1 released (www.mozilla.org)
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Let me explain: When trying to create homescreen shortcuts to URLs, some sites only give you the option to "install" as a progressive web app and remove the normal (and sane) option to merely "Add to home screen." This has annoyed me for so long because, on top of this, there's no way to rename app shortcuts in Android, so for a long time I haven't created a shortcut to my skiff email inbox because it would automatically name itself "react-client," which is aggravatingly obscure.

Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that if I totally disconnect from internet and enter the URL, then Firefox won't know that it's a site that can be used as a progressive web app. taps forehead

Sure enough, I now have a tidy little link called (smartly) "Skiff Mail."

Thought this information might be helpful to someone. Hope you all have a Mozillarific day!

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Is there an extension that warns you when you are wasting time reading ai-generated crap?

Case in point, I was reading an article that claimed to compare kubernetes distros and wasted some good minutes before realizing it was full of crap.

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EDIT I love the dead "Learn more" link.

Firefox 118.0 released (www.mozilla.org)
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I want to export my chats in Markdown and I don't like how bloated Superpower GPT is, I just need to download chats. I wonder if this has to do with the relatively new addon domain restrictions feature. I followed the instructions on that page to set extensi[email protected] to true in about:config. The addon still doesn't work after restarting Firefox.

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This is actually in the release notes for Firefox 118 here (https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/118.0/releasenotes/), but it also works on Firefox 115+ (as is mentioned in the bugzilla page).

Things that are still missing for me:

  • being able to send 1080p video. I have a 1080p 30fps webcam that can only send 1080p video when using Google Meet in chrome. On Firefox, only 720p is available.
  • support for call control devices. I have fancy headphones that can e.g. unmute you in Meet when you lower the microphone, but registering such a device with Meet is only available in chrome. See https://support.google.com/meet/answer/12562325?hl=en
Oh no youtube (lemmy.world)
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We will support HEVC playback via Media Foundation transform (MFT).

HEVC playback will be supported via the Media Foundation Transform (MFT) and WMF decoder module will check if there is any avaliable MFT which can be used for HEVC then reports the support information.

HEVC playback can only be support on (1) users have purchased paid HEVC extension on their computer (SW decoding) (2) HEVC hardware decoding is available on users' computer

For now, I'd like to only enable HEVC for the media engine playback, but keep the HEVC default off on the MFT. Because the media engine is an experimental feature, which is off by default, it's fine to enable HEVC for that.

HEVC playback needs hardware decoding, and it currently only support on Windows. HEVC playback check would be run when the task is in the mda-gpu, which has the ability for hardware decoding. On other platforms, HEVC should not be supported.

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Between uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, ClearURLs, Decentraleyes, and Privacy Possum, I'm having a hard time deciding which ones I actually need and which ones I don't. Do they actually do different things, or are they largely the same?

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C'est fou quand même le manque de compatibilité des navigateurs avec la pseudo classe css :dir()

Elle permet d'appliquer une règle de css différente en fonction du sens de lecture du texte et elle est prise en compte depuis 2016 par @firefox

cc @ButterflyOfFire @w3c

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I use TWP - Translate Web Pages to translate everything to english. How can I get the same functionality without the extension on the new Firefox 118?

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Hi everyone, I'm having a little issue where certain items on a page will not zoom with the rest of the page. I've triple-checked to make sure I do not have "Zoom text only" checkmarked in settings, and I do not.

I did a search for "zoom" in about:config, but I don't really know what any of them do for sure, so I don't want to break something. I've also tried to do my due diligence by searching the web, but all I can find are people who had zoom text only selected accidentally, which is not my specific issue.

Here are some screenshots I took to help illustrate the issue:

This is at 100% zoom.

This is at 150% zoom.

Notice the cards pictured do not zoom with the rest of the page. I'm looking at a decklist on https://tappedout.net/ if anyone wants to try it.

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I have about 25 extensions (almost all needed) and firefox lags like crazy, it's like I'm watching the videos at 10 fps. I download chrome to test it out and sure enough it runs as smooth as butter. Any help?

EDIT: It somehow fixed itself after I started using LibreWolf (with the same addons)

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