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Yeah done anything with it over 1.5 ~ 2 years, on top of that NFC does not work at all in many cases.

Yeah I regreted buying one . . . works great on PC though.

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Not fat tux, huggable tux.

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Most of my teachers either used MacOS or Ubuntu very few times I saw Windows but again my studies were in computer science so a bit of a bias.

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Yeah let's just say that android 4.x isn't that great.

Could try to flash a custom ROM with a more up-to-date version of android but the 1GB of ram would not help.

Going for the minimal solution with KOreader and Alpine/PostMarketOS might be the best way to bring this buddy back to an useful state.

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Will try to fix this later, but if not, might cross post, thx for the tip.

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mmm I am now reading on the whole shbangle related to AppImages, will switch to flapak. Been trying for now to get a simple echo to work will address the rest later. Gotta get back to it tomorrow, thanks for the warning !!!

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Haven't used openrc in a while, but greetd is present and set as default when list the services, rc-update.

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Updates I can ssh into the thing since WiFi is working and turn off I use the power button might have to change some devrules because now it's long press is mapped to reboot a single nothing, but that should be about it.

* Yeah cage is an Wayland kiosk, and for what I tested in my main machine runs KOreader with no problem and should have a virtual keyboard.

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Just like the title says I want to turn an old tablet of mine into an ereader.

The tablet in question is samsung galaxy tab 3 in which I installed postMarketOS.

I installed the console version, and once everything was set up I ssd into the machine and installed the following packages :

greetd, greetd-openrc, cage, fuse

Downloaded koreader app image into /bin/

Activated the greetd service

rc-update add greetd default

and configured /etc/greetd/config.toml with the following


vt = 1


command="agreety -c sh"


command="cage -s -d -- koreader"

and rebooted the tablet, however I am still stuck with the login prompt no matter what I do.

Any tips on how fix this or a other way I could accomplish my goal?


Got autologin working by ditching out greetd and using agetty, and a simple fortune command to run on startup.

After this I went for the kill and tried to install KOreader using flatpak, due to App Images not playing alright with Alpine. However I noticed something there is no arm build of KOreader for linux arm so my plans were cut short.

Will try to compile KOreader to linux arm if not successful will just put a nice UI and use the little guy as a portable hacking machine.

New update

KOreader was mess to compile so I looked for alternatives and found out foliate which fits my criteria (opds, epub and pdf support) and is in the alpine repos.

Played around with cage and got the thing somewhat working, however no virtual keyboard support for now, figuring that out now.

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mmm netbird seems cool, any experience with it?

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QT ( free edition ) is FOSS and can only be used in FOSS projects, it's under LGPL license.

If you want to do proprietary stuff you got a QT comercial version and extra tooling to go along with, which you gotta pay a license.


The Qt framework is dual-licensed, available under both commercial and open-source licenses.

About KDE nothing weird to see there.

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I make a few donations every year totalling 20€ in january, not much, but maybe one day I can give more, or contribute in other ways.

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Take my upvote and kindly get out. Please.


Not upgrading just taking notes.

I got a rasberry pi 5 running most of my services now, and it's doing fine. Usually for my movies and stuff I go to streaming sites, legal ofc *cough *cough, but down the line I intend to build a media server too.

The stuff I got laying arround wont do much with upgrades. So if I indeed wanted to upgrade my setup and run a media server + some AI stuff, I think I would be better off just buying a nvidia jetson SBC than building a tower from scratch.

What do u guys think?


Civ VI is pretty cheap right now, grabbing it at the moment for 3€, but that might change from region to region.

The dlcs packs are pretty cheap too.


So I created this blog from scratch, and after posting my first article I noticed something.

I suffer from post-Post clarity

I have noticied before when posting random bullshit online, but holy shit, now having to write longer stuff, it's clear as day.

As soon as I press the publish button even after re-reading the whole thing, everywhere I look is spelling/grammar mistakes and stupid takes.

How in hell does this happen?

Anyways as a proof of concept any edit will be in comment thread.


Tried some times to get a home server up and running but never followed it through, last week got some time, grabbed my new rasberry pi 5 8GB (it's a f*cking beast) and came up with this setup.

Nothing unusual besides the podman quadlets/systemd thingies which I did not saw much out there.

Any tips and services recommendations?

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What's is assumed as correct might not be tomorrow.

Many technical books suffer from that, being it small technicalities or huge issues.

Some books have new editions to solve that, however many don't and even then it would be useful to know inaccuracies present on each edition.

A simple issues page referenced in the beginning of the book would be golden, why inst it a thing yet?


Pls let me in !!! I want to go on the Goonbus !!! I want to goon, noooo, why can't I enter !!! I am a certified gooner !!! NOOOO DONT LEAVE ME Goonbus!!!


This week I read a post about the death of the Boeing whistleblower, and how Boeing might have suicided him.

I don't care about if the rumors are true or not, however someone mentioned in the comments that in such situations one should always have a Dead Man Switch.

For those who don't know a Dead Man Switch is basically an action TBD in case you die, like leaking documents, send messages/emails, kill a server etc . . .

The concept tickled me a bit, and I decided I want to build a similar system for myself. No, I am not in danger but I would like to send last goodbyes to friends and family. I think it would be cool concept.

How would you go and build such service?

I thinking of using a VPS to do the actions because it would be running for a while before my debit card gets cancelled.

The thing that is bugging me out is the trigger, I will not put that responsibility onto someone that's cheating, so it would have to be something which can reliably tell I am dead and has to run regularly.

Where is what I come up with :

  • Ask a country association through email if am I am dead.

  • Check if I haven't logged out on my password manager in a week. If it's even possible.

TLDR; Give me ideas on how to build a DEAD MAN SWITCH and what triggers should I use.

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OK hear me out, I just got a new laptop and been using the shitty keyboard cover which it came it.

As it was kinda nasty I went looking for a new one, had my mouse mat on my left and though "uh if only u were the right size and a bit slimmer" and an idea just ringed my hears

"Laptop keyboard cover that could double duty as a mouse pad"

Soft surface and grippy edges so it wouldn't slide, washable so u can get ridd of the nastyness of the tables u bring it to.

Currently I carry everyday my laptop, my mouse and the charger. If bringing a mousepad was as simple as removing the keyboard cover and putting it in my desk I would pay a couple bucks for it.

My question is :

  • Does it exist? ( not that I am aware )
  • Would it be cool or niche of mine?
  • How to make a patent and make scam kickstart?
Distro for a POS (lemmy.world)
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I got this one friend, a POS (Piece of shit) , who was always bugging me out for using Linux.

Yesterday I won a bet and I will be installing Linux on his laptop, what distro would teach that fucker a lesson?


Parody of this post https://lemm.ee/post/20629546

Recommendations (lemmy.world)
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So I finally decided to join my university Linux group, and as I been helping people with simple problems in discord for a while they put me in the helpdesk.

All fine and dandy, but other than dual boot and partitioning problems that I had to deal with myself (stupid laptop which does no follow efibootmgr order) I don't know much about other kinds of troubleshooting.

Is there some reads or free online courses that u guys would recommend.

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Just saw a post of a novice user asking why are there so many package managers.

At first I was about to copy and paste the good old "The OS is yours if you want to make a different package manager you can, and many did".

But then I though

Damn how does Linux have standards !?

And reached a somewhat of conclusion that many of the established standards were established at the early stages of the project, there are of course those who change like the transition from X11 to Wayland the upcoming desktop portals and such.

And here is my hipotesis if the GNU project came up with a good and easy to work package manager in the early days of Linux, do you think we would have so many different ones? Maybe even win the desktop war (OS not DEs)?

Edit: replace package manager with packaging format

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