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Oh God please stop.

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This is surely the worst of all.

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Alt text: (Epic Handshake format)

One guy is "Chromium browsers"

The other is "Firefox"

They're agreeing on the same version numbers.

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Slorp? That's a weird way to spell Twitch.

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Closing of r/ProgrammerHumour

When the API changes happened, I hadn't discovered third-party clients yet, but I knew what an API was, and the consequences of the pricing change.

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I don't have any job that needs to run 24/7, so I poweroff my server at night (12 am) and start it in the morning using WOL.

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OK, maybe I will think about some other use for the Raspberry Pi then.

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idk, I stole it from a Telegram channel.

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Maybe, but I my router is not hackable and I don't plan on buying one that is.

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While trying to set up the WLAN, I couldn't connect to the AP, it said no internet access, and I couldn't connect to the Pi, or ping any device from it.


I have an unused Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB model) lying around and I would like to install OpenWRT on it and use it as a router. I get Internet from DSL so I can't hook it up on the Raspberry Pi directly, I need to plug an Ethernet cable coming from my actual router to the Pi.

I am no expert on networking, so please forgive me if I say something that is wrong. I want the WAN coming in from the router from the Pi's Ethernet port, and the LAN coming out as Wi-Fi. I may also stick an additional Ethernet adapter to it in the future. I have tried doing this many times and have failed. So, could anyone explain to me how could I do this?

Also, what are VLANs, what are their uses and if I wanted one, how could I setup it in OpenWRT?

Thanks in advance.


Alt text:

be me

serverless supervisor

in charge of making sure the serverless environment is in fact, serverless

occasionally have to check if it's really serverless

one day, find out there are actual servers being used

serverless environment is no longer serverless


ask my boss what to do

he says "just make it serverless again"

I say "how"

he says "I don't know, you're the supervisor"


quit my job

become a servers supervisor

first day on the job, go to the new server room

it's empty, serverless

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Wait what I saw that comment like a week ago


I have a very slow Internet connection (5 Mbps down, and even less for upload). Given that, I always download movies at 720p, since they have low file size, which means I can download them more quickly. Also, I don't notice much of a difference between 1080p and 720p. As for 4K, because I don't have a screen that can display 4K, I consider it to be one of the biggest disk space wasters.

Am I the only one who has this opinion?

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I don't know if this is the correct community to post this. I have a Smart TV from a Greek manufacturer named TurboX. Not Android TV, Smart TV. This means that it has Internet access, has some pre-installed apps, but I can't install any other apps on it. The menus thankfully don't have any ads. However, the Youtube app has. I highly doubt there is any way to remove those, but if you guys know or found any, can you let me know?


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Hello everyone,

In a day or two, I am getting a motherboard with an N100 integrated CPU as a replacement to the Raspberry Pi 4 (2 GB Model). I want to run Jellyfin, the *arr stack and Immich on it. However, I have a lot of photos(for Immich) and movies(for Jellyfin) (in total about 400 GB) that I want to back up, just in case something happens. I have two 1TB drives, one will have the original files, and the second will be my boot drive and have the backup files.

How can I do that? Just copy the files? Do I need to compress them first? What tools do I need to use, and how would you do it?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I would prefer the backups to be local.

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OK, so, I have a couple of questions:

  • What's the worst that can happen if I don't use a VPN while pirating?
  • Are free tier VPNs (like Proton VPN) good enough?
  • I don't want to pay much or anything for a VPN, is a way I can get a good free one, or set one myself somehow (I have experience with selfhosting) ?
  • If not, which cheap one do you recommend?

EDIT: I pirate mostly movies, and rarely some TV series.

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For me it was:

Windows (for many years) -> Ubuntu (for a year) -> Arch Linux (for half a year) -> Void Linux (literally 2 days) -> Artix Linux with runit (a month) -> Gentoo Linux (another month) -> Debian (finally, I don't plan on changing it).

Also, when trying to switch from Gentoo to Debian, I fucked up all my data with no backup.

What was your journey?

EDIT: Added Windows


I have been daily driving Linux for over two years now and I have switched distros many times. So, when my friend bought a new laptop, I convinced him to install Linux Mint on it. I asked him if he wanted to dual boot, he said no because it would fill up all his storage. We installed Linux Mint. The other day, he wanted to play FIFA 17 on his computer. After 5 whole hours of troubleshooting we were able to get FIFA running smoothly with some issues. Next, he wanted to play Roblox. I guided him through the process of installing Waydroid and libhoudini, only to discover that Roblox would run at 10 FPS. With Minecraft, it wasn't any better. It took us 1 hour to get it working (not skill issue, he wanted to play cracked through Prism Launcher). Now, he wants to go back to Windows 10. I have already told him about dual boot, but he has only 256GB of storage and he wants to play a lot of games. What should I do? Install Windows to his laptop, install some other Linux distro, or try to convince him more about dual boot? Thanks in advance and sorry for the essay.

UPDATE: Of course I will help him install Windows on his computer if he wants so, I don't want to force him to use Linux after all. I just wanted him to give it a try, and maybe daily drive it, if he can.

EDIT: Because for some reason it was misunderstood, let me clarify it here. Roblox ran with poor performance on Waydroid, not Minecraft. I just said that the installation of Prism Launcher cracked was difficult. After that, Minecraft ran smoothly without any problems.


Hello everyone,

I am running some services like Jellyfin, Radarr, QBittorrent, Jellyseerr and some others on my Raspberry Pi 4. The problem is that it is already struggling to run those, since it has only 2GB of RAM. I wish it was possible to do a RAM upgrade to the Raspberry Pi but the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. I don't want to buy another Raspberry Pi with more RAM because they are quite expensive and I don't want to have two of them. So can you recommend something for around or under 100€?

Thanks in advance.


I wanted to install Debian Linux after a weird journey with Gentoo Linux. My partition layout is this:

  • Boot Partition (512 MiB, mount at /boot)
  • Swap Partition (4 GiB)
  • Root Partition (~80 GiB, mount at /)
  • Home Partition (~170 GiB, mount at /home, LUKS encrypted)

While trying to preserve the home partition, I think I clicked 'Configure encrypted partitions' on the Debian installer and then set a password for it (the same that it had before).

Now, I can unlock it like before, but after it is unlocked, no utility recognizes the filesystem (ext4) and the file command reports it as being data:

# file -s -L /dev/mapper/home
/dev/mapper/home: data

file on the encrypted partition returns the following:

# file -s /dev/nvme0n1p4
/dev/nvme0n1p4: LUKS encrypted file, ver 2, header size 16384, ID 3, algo sha256, salt 0x590d84c0e8397ad0..., UUID: c5ff37db-11f7-4ccf-8869-c4bc22648202, crc 0x345f75d85c9f444a..., at 0x1000 {"keyslots":{"0":{"type":"luks2","key_size":64,"af":{"type":"luks1","stripes":4000,"hash":"sha256"},"area":{"type":"raw","offse

(This is the complete output, it cuts at offset for some reason)

My luksDump output is this:

# cryptsetup luksDump /dev/nvme0n1p4
LUKS header information
Version:       	2
Epoch:         	3
Metadata area: 	16384 [bytes]
Keyslots area: 	16744448 [bytes]
UUID:          	c5ff37db-11f7-4ccf-8869-c4bc22648202
Label:         	(no label)
Subsystem:     	(no subsystem)
Flags:       	(no flags)

Data segments:
  0: crypt
	offset: 16777216 [bytes]
	length: (whole device)
	cipher: aes-xts-plain64
	sector: 512 [bytes]

  0: luks2
	Key:        512 bits
	Priority:   normal
	Cipher:     aes-xts-plain64
	Cipher key: 512 bits
	PBKDF:      argon2id
	Time cost:  6
	Memory:     1048576
	Threads:    4
	Salt:       18 b4 a6 e9 87 1f 94 f6 7d 96 f2 9c 0f 2e ca 75 
	            e6 0f 80 7d 09 70 40 19 d0 a4 a1 49 ff 5c 1c 0b 
	AF stripes: 4000
	AF hash:    sha256
	Area offset:32768 [bytes]
	Area length:258048 [bytes]
	Digest ID:  0
  0: pbkdf2
	Hash:       sha256
	Iterations: 171785
	Salt:       c2 b0 a6 f5 e1 bf 5f 85 82 b1 d5 f3 10 c6 ae b7 
	            7c fc 50 41 c5 a6 03 f6 5a bd ac df 46 89 7b c6 
	Digest:     57 7d fb 87 69 c5 58 07 cf 82 88 5e f8 c6 39 f5 
	            7d 00 ec 07 e0 df b8 ee b5 dd ff 20 bf b3 bc 01

My guess is that I re-encrypted the already encrypted partition. Also, I noticed that the UUID changed. Can anyone help me recover it? Thanks in advance.

If you need more logs, I will happily provide them to you.


I don't use Reddit anymore, but I wanted to search something that I couldn't find anywhere. This is what I saw. After killing all the other apps, Reddit now is trying to force us to use their own spyware app.

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