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Anything about the instance and its moderation.

For discussion about the Lemmy software project, go to [email protected].

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Lemmy, in particular, is so good that I've got completely used to checking it out almost every hour to enjoy the content. Kudos to all the mods and developers ❤️

Recently, in the past few weeks, I couldn't help but notice that momentary outages of, ranging from a couple of mins to longer than 30mins, have become more frequent.

Is my observation correct? Or I'm just addicted to Lemmy? 😂

If it is correct, have we got any idea what are the possible causes of the outages? In particular, I'd like to know if there's anything that I, as a member of this safe & welcoming community, can do to potentially help ¹.

On a related note, if the outages are of such a nature that may be predicted but not prevented (such as routine maintenance restart, load-testing or new feature deploy), do you folks think it makes sense to have a post here in "meta" at least a few mins prior to the action?

¹ I've got about a quarter of a century experience dealing w/ code and systems.

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