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Anything about the lemmy.ml instance and its moderation.

For discussion about the Lemmy software project, go to [email protected].

founded 3 years ago

During the "big move", I subscribed to a bunch of emerging communities.
Now that the craze has died down, lots of these communities have been abandoned for 3 months or so.

Are these communities worth preserving, or do they take up unnecessary space and could be removed?

Just genuinely interested, I'm sure other instances have their own methods of handling that but was wondering how it's managed here.

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cross-posted from: https://sh.itjust.works/post/6423745

cross-posted from: https://sh.itjust.works/post/6400327

In case anyone is wondering, it's rqd2.

The definition of paraphilia is "a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.", which can inclde pedophilia.

Don't be fooled by their rules, one of their biggest communities is a "MAP" community where they openly discuss pedophilia. They're likely larping as LGBTQ+ to make them look bad.

It has recieved 4 censures from fediseer due to the content contained on that instance

Not a good look for Lemmy to be promoting any instance like that.

You can see for yourself here

Update: A pull request was sent to remove the sus instance. It should no longer show up soon


Follow up on a previous post: [DISCUSS] Recent momentary outages

I've been working on a simple opt-in solution, primarily for Lemmy end users like me (but also helpful for admins), to easily check the status/health of their favourite instance.

🌎 lemmy-meter.info

You can find the details of the implementation in lemmy-meter github repo.

❓ @admins: would you be interested in adding your instance to lemmy-meter?

You don't need to do anything except confirming - I'll handle the rest. It should only take a few minutes for your instance to show up in lemmy-meter.

Out of the box it will send only 4 HTTP GET requests per minute to your instance. However that is totally configurable if it sounds too much or too little.

PS: I wasn't sure how to reach out to the admins short of messaging them individually.

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Tried to make on new account on lemmy... It did work in the end (obviously). Good thing there is the audio version to read it for me. (sarcasm, I know it's supposed to be for accessibility purposes. Still used it though)


I can see these comment to my posts in the notifications, from apps or website, but not in any other page.

Issue (lemmy.world)
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Idk if it's just me, but lemmy won't let me attach images to posts. Idk if it's my instance or my client, but it's really annoying.


Lemmy, in particular lemmy.ml, is so good that I've got completely used to checking it out almost every hour to enjoy the content. Kudos to all the mods and developers ❤️

Recently, in the past few weeks, I couldn't help but notice that momentary outages of lemmy.ml, ranging from a couple of mins to longer than 30mins, have become more frequent.

Is my observation correct? Or I'm just addicted to Lemmy? 😂

If it is correct, have we got any idea what are the possible causes of the outages? In particular, I'd like to know if there's anything that I, as a member of this safe & welcoming community, can do to potentially help ¹.

On a related note, if the outages are of such a nature that may be predicted but not prevented (such as routine maintenance restart, load-testing or new feature deploy), do you folks think it makes sense to have a post here in "meta" at least a few mins prior to the action?

¹ I've got about a quarter of a century experience dealing w/ code and systems.


Basically, title.

I have a request for [email protected] on [email protected] since 8 days.

Dessalines is the only mod there, but I guess he has bigger fish to fry.


Some context about this here: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/08/openai-details-how-to-keep-chatgpt-from-gobbling-up-website-data/

the robots.txt would be updated with this entry

User-agent: GPTBot
Disallow: /

Obviously this is meaningless against non-openai scrapers or anyone who just doesn't give a shit.


@meta What's happening @ https://lemmy.ml ? It's been returning "bad gateway" for almost half an hour now 😕


Noob question


I frequently notice typos, grammatical errors, poor wording, etc. in my comments shortly after posting, so I edit them. Do those edits get shared among servers as quickly as the initial post did?


Title. With so many communities on .world, the feed feels very sparse without them.


On my main (@[email protected]), I moderate [email protected]. I thought I’d kinda federate my existence on the platform by creating this alt on lemmy.ml, but when I search communities, while I can find some other lemmy.world ones (validating that .ml/.world federation is working as I understand it), technicaldeathmetal isn’t found. Am I doing something dumb as a user? As a mod? Have I misunderstood the intent of this instance, and I’d be better off trying the same thing from elsewhere? TIA


It seems lemmygrad.ml is federating with them and I was just wondering if this instance will too. I used to browse r/chapotraphouse before reddit banned them and I didn't know the community was still alive in hexbear until recently. I'm sure a lot of leftists in this instance would also benefit from being able to browse hexbear contents


Reference, June 4, 2023: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2910


  1. Lemmy.ml was crashing every 10 minutes of every single day since May 25. Do you dispute this claim I make? Server log Evidence?

  2. June 4 issue 2910 was on Github and the same developers who run lemmy.ml put a tag on the issue June 4.

  3. Did it say server-crashing topic?

  4. Were you aware of the end-of-June Reddit API change?

  5. When was the issue fixed, date and who?

  6. Did you ask PostgreSQL communities on Lemmy for help? Which posts?

  7. Is lemmy.ml a developer run instance? Is this your idea of "supported" example of Lemmy's rust lemmy_server code?

Please explain. Like PostgreSQL EXPLAIN?

Was this what was given as an Issue 2910 to you on June 4, 2023?


I love the style that was implemented for https://old.lemmy.world and https://old.lemmy.sdf.org. Are there any plans to add something similar for this instance? (Not sure if an old subdomain is the right choice for this, since there is already a theme selection in the profile settings.)

Thanks for your work!


My apologies if this is a known issue or dumb question. Is there a reason that when subscribing to [email protected] there are no posts showing up? I am subscribed to it as a user of lemmy.ml but nothing is there. When I browse to https://lemmit.online/c/superstonk there are many many posts.


First off, please bear with me before shoving something down. Totally aware that lemmy.ml has been experiencing a significant surge in traffic lately.

This is my (sort of) test account, and I wanted to get a new account name that actually represents me. It’s been almost 2 days since I signed up, and the process seems to be stuck in limbo. Not sure if that’s because the username and email address I attempted to register are too cryptic and come off as a dummy.

What’s worse is that I mistakenly used the wrong username during sign-up, and now I’m eager to reclaim my email address.

Yes, while I could have easily created an account on another instance and still interacted here, I have my own personal, complicated, and admittedly silly reasons for wanting to have my main under this domain.

All I wanted to know is whether lemmy.ml will open up again in the future. I don’t mind waiting if it will. And not sure how can I reclaim my email address.


I just think it’s a bit crazy to see a pro Russia admin use this community to spew misinformation.

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** Update: I still haven't heard from any mod, but the user did get back to me though they weren't very receptive to the frustration. However, I did find out that you can remove others as mods but the option is hidden in having to click into one of their posts. So, this unique situation is resolved, but the appointing of a mod without checking if the current community is actually abandoned should still be addressed.**

A user posted on !community_requests claiming that a sub I'm a moderator of had no active mods despite the fact that I have actively been posting on there and holding a moderation discussion with the community this week. At the time of request the account was only a day old. Still, an admin proceeded to make them a mod in our community.

As far as I can tell, this was a mistake on both the user and admin's part.

Within an hour of the new mod appearing I responded to both the admin and the user politely asking them for answers about what happened. I also privately DMed the user on Matrix asking them to demod themselves and put a post up in the community petitioning to become a mod instead of just sidestepping the people who are already there.

It has now been nearly 8 hours and no admin has gotten back to me, and the user hasn't responded.

Even if this is a mistake, it gives me a lot of pause. The fact a one day old account could come and claim our community was abandoned, even though clearly it was not, and be given mod powers for hours upon hours after the mistake being reported is really scary.

Again, I think this was a mistake on both the admin and user's part, but there needs to be a better process to deal with this going forward. I'm really disappointed.___


Where can I donate to lemmy.ml instance?


Is there a roadmap I can consult?


Right guys?

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