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DevOps integrates and automates the work of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) as a means for improving and shortening the systems development life cycle.


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Struggling with a problem that i just can't seem to figure out.

When starting from scratch self hosting both the SCM and CI/CD server.

Given that you can't use an existing setup to deploy/manage it, what is the best practice for deploying said services?

freenginx (
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I can't seem to find any trace of comparison between these specific libraries. I'm planning on using Python for them. I just don't wanna write YAML.

Pulumi seems more prone to the "single vendor is the new proprietary" theory, because they're an actual business and shit, so might do a bait and switch here Terraform-style. But that's the only difference I can spot besides obvious API differences.

Does anyone have an opinion?:)

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Out of principle I refuse to put any type of analytics on my sites. I don't want to send user data to third parties and I don't want to rely on data that comes from JavaScript on the browser unless strictly necessary.

But the thought recently occurred to me that I could use my server logs to create some basic data visualisation on Grafana.

I'd like very basic stuff:

  • hits
  • common referrers
  • geo location by IP address
  • bounce rates per page

What would be the recommended way to get this, assuming that I have traefik logs aggregates via Loki and Grafana installed?

Server less Horrors (
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Trying to do a couple things. I have 2 jump hosts I can use to get into my cluster login node. From my laptop to the jump hosts is password. From jump hosts to login node can be key-based, so if I do it all from CLI:

[me@home ~]$ ssh user@jump1
[user@jump1 ~]$ ssh user@login1
[user@login1 ~]$ 

Same process if I use jump2.

So first thing I'm trying to do is set up my ~/.ssh/config to use the ProxyJump host and key file to get to login1. I have the following:

Host jump1
  Hostname jump1.domain
Host jump2
  Hostname jump2.domain
Host login1
  Hostname login1.cluster
  ProxyJump jump1
  #ProxyJump jump2

I'm not sure how to configure the IdentityFile entries for each jump host. The user on the jump hosts has different id_rsa keys in ~/.ssh, but both are in the authorized_keys file on login1.

Second thing I'm trying to do is join or start a tmux session. From CLI, I can run:

tmux has-session -t mysession || tmux new -s mysession && tmux a -t mysession

I've learned that to just join a running session (tmux a -t mysession), I need to include "RequestTTY yes" in my ssh config entry for login1. What I can't get working is the conditional statement that will fire up a new tmux session if it doesn't already exist.


What is the industry/production grade solutions or if you have already any experience please share it. Thanks


I have came across Percona xtrabackup but I am curious what is the best production deployment best practices and tools that are actually used by companies.


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Apologies in advance for sharing two link posts here two days in a row. Unemployment may be driving me a little nuts... 😅

I've been working on Satounki since I got laid off last month. It's the culmination of a lot of experience building similar ad-hoc internal tooling at various places throughout my professional career.

Satounki already includes:

  • AWS support
  • GCP support
  • Cloudflare support
  • Auto-generated Terraform providers from the Rust API
  • Auto-generated Typescript client wrapper from the Rust API
  • Slack bot for request notifications, approvals and rejections
  • CLI for requests, approvals and rejections
  • Dashboard for exploring policies, requests and stats

The scope of this project is pretty big and I'm looking for contributors.

The majority of the project is written in Rust, including the generated Go and TS code. The stack is pretty simple; Actix, Diesel, SQLite, Tera etc., so if you have experience with writing web apps in Rust it should feel familiar!

Even if this is a totally new stack to you, this is a great project to develop some familiarity and experience with it, especially if you can help improve the quality of the generated Go and TS code at the same time!


I'm the author. With 5 years experience as a DevOps Engineer then Lead, I've wanted, for a very long time, to distill my critique and pave a way toward a healthier practice of DevOps. Before anyone jumps to tell me how DevOps Engineer is a misnomer, I address this in the article.

I wrote this piece because DevOps has all too often been misunderstood as a practice. Here I attempt to examine successful DevOps practice as a sociotechnical solution that weds culture and tools (the DevOps most are familiar with) with radical agency and visibility. I reference some stupendous thinkers in this space, like Jabe Bloom and Andrew Clay Shafer who were the first to argue for a sociotechnical approach to our work as IT professionals.


I recently had to migrate my team's CI from Bors-NG to Github Merge Queues. In this post I share my experience in doing so.


Tryna get back to RSS. I currently love reading but that's about it, and it's not uhhh devopsy. So I'm all ears for anything interesting that you all like!


We need to deploy a Kubernetes cluster at v1.27. We need that version because it comes with a particular feature gate that we need and it was moved to beta and set enabled by default from that version.

Is there any way to check which feature gates are enabled/disabled in a particular GKE and EKS cluster version without having to check the kubelet configuration inside a deployed cluster node? I don't want to deploy a cluster just to check this.

I've check both GKE and EKS changelogs and docs, but I couldn't see a list of enabled/disabled feature gates list.

Thanks in advance!


"Inform users that we might disable this forumula one day given there will be no more version updates in homebrew-core due to the license change"

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