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Worst part is the government won't learn from this and will continue to use the proprietary operating system.

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What the, is that a new emoji?

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The difference is proprietary software has to be caught being insecure to be "guilty of being insecure" while open source software has the potential to be publically verified to a degree that it's effectively "proven innocent".

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When I think of bad actors and software I think of security from 3rd parties after the intentions of the authors. Not just security but also privacy and any other anti-features users wouldn't want. That applies to the OS, apps or drivers. Hardware indeed has concerns like software, which is just a wider conversation about security, which is just part of user/consumer rights.

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This is like asking if you do scientific experiments yourself or do you trust others' results. I distrust private prejudice and trust public, verifiable evidence that's survived peer review.

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Consider people counting paper votes in an election. Multiple political parties are motivated by their own self interests to watch the counting to prevent each other faking votes. That is a security feature and without it then the validity of the election has a critical unknown making it very sussy.

An OS using proprietary software is like as an electronic voting machine, we pretend it's secure to feel better about a failing we can't change.

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That just moves requiring trust from the 1st party to 2nd or 3rd party. Unreasonable trust.

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You can't verify it's secure if it's proprietary, so it's never secure? Having control over other people's computing creates bad incentives to gain at your user's expense, so it's day 1 you should lose trust.

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Stallman was right about proprietary software.

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If they were dirt cheap then being midrange is fine, like the RX 480 days. Hopefully the overinflated AI fad calms down :(

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Pick one:

  • security
  • proprietary OS
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Under duress I hope.

submitted 8 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Work are chucking out a "Cisco 887VA-M" integrated services router.

Anyone know if I can install some custom OS/firmware via the USB on the back?

I expect this is just e-waste but maybe it has some use as emergency switch :)

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