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Woo-hoo today's my cake-day on actually I'm the first here but many will follow the next days. Happy cake day to you all!

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I do host some stuff myself 😉 but there's one thing to keep in mind.

Don't self host stuff that your family still needs after you're gone. Unless they are self host nerds like you. I stopped self hosting our mail and docs for example.

Would you agree?

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I did register planning to host that one day, but I need some more selfhosting nerds to help out running all these instances :-) The foundation is now already running a few dozen Fedi instances :-D

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I found this community via their website :-) The link is here: under forums.

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Well thanks! ;-)

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I like Vivaldi, which is Chromium based. I also like Safari for the speed. Difficult to choose between the two. The feature that Vivaldi has and Safari hasn't, which I'm missing in Safari, is tab auto-refresh.

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I run a pixelfed and misskey on the same server, and used to run a mastodon besides that. No issues. (I use docker)

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There's some unrest because the Open Collective Foundation is stopping.

Don't worry, we use Open Collective Europe as a donations platform, they're going nowhere.

We've added some donation platforms, so if you would like to support us running our .world servers, you can do so here:

  • https://‪‬
  • https://‪‬
  • https://‪‬
  • https://‪

And for those wanting to donate crypto:

  • Monero address: 83tnuFN4f28jRxTBW9qGDad2U23qNE5nfeW4Pfyd85oWMW7J9gqpXi3S8FDbX5uEeCAKcGnSpS2XT5dGwYiELthg8XuDrxH
  • Cardano address: addr1v9qv6xvfwcx9ny56uag4umu6238sw2e7ff2kcxl3qe7p9esayjxgu

Thank you!

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Yes. At the NLNet stand.

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I did get Lemmy stickers of course

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I am there. But will leave soon

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Ahh yes I meant as opposed to Twitter and Facebook. But I worded it badly 😁

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For moderators surely Mastodon. For admins too.. For users: that's a taste-thing. I'm not a developer so can't say...

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Yeah somewhere between twitter and facebook clone, more like Mastodon. But open-source and federated, like Lemmy.

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Next to and I am also running This was running Calckey, a Misskey fork. That was re-branded to FireFish (that's the danger of running sites with the software name in the URL... :-) ).

Unfortunately due to circumstances the FireFish software will no longer be maintained. Therefore I was looking for another Misskey fork that could replace it, and I found Sharkey. This looks really nice.

So being who I am, I registered and installed it. It still needs some configuring and branding, but it works and you can use it! (As you will see it currently uses the branding)

I will write a brief how-to on migrating from Calckey to Sharkey and hope the users will migrate.


I've written a short blog about what happened in August, and the finances.


I did it again.... started another Fediverse service, this time a Bookwyrm instance.

I used Goodreads, but if there's a Federated alternative, why not use that.. So I setup a server and opened registrations.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you find anything that can be improved or changed.

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There was another attack going on (as you might have noticed). We're working on a fix. In the meantime, we've blocked the listing of comments, so we at least aren't down, but it did break comments.

Hope to have a fix in the next hour. Stay tuned!

Update OK we've implemented a fix, again many thanks to @[email protected] for his assistance. This will prevent the outages we've seen last couple of days. Let's see what they will come up with next...


A few days ago I saw some cool JoinLemmy stickers created by @[email protected] . I asked her if she could also create stickers, and she did!

You can see and order them here, also check the other cool stickers in her shop.

Thanks for creating them! has been down between 02:00 UTC and 05:45 UTC. This was caused by the database spiking to 100% cpu (all 32 cores/64 threads!) due to inefficient queries been fired to the db very often.

I’ve collected the logs and we’ll be checking how to prevent this. (And what caused this)


Update The upgrade was done, DB migrations took around 5 minutes. We'll keep an eye out for (new) issues but for now it seems to be OK.

Original message We will upgrade to 0.18.3 today at 20:00 UTC+2 (Check what this isn in your timezone). Expect the site to be down for a few minutes. ""Edit"" I was warned it could be more than a few minutes. The database update might even take 30 minutes or longer.

Release notes for 0.18.3 can be found here:

(This is unrelated to the downtimes we experienced lately, those are caused by attacks that we're still looking into mitigating. Sorry for those)


Today, like the past few days, we have had some downtime. Apparently some script kids are enjoying themselves by targeting our server (and others). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Most of these 'attacks' are targeted at the database, but some are more ddos-like and can be mitigated by using a CDN. Some other Lemmy servers are using Cloudflare, so we know that works. Therefore we have chosen Cloudflare as CDN / DDOS protection platform for now. We will look into other options, but we needed something to be implemented asap.

For the other attacks, we are using them to investigate and implement measures like rate limiting etc.

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As requested by some users: 'old' style now accessible via

Code can be found here: , created by Ryan (Is he here?) (Yes he appears to be! @[email protected] ! Thanks for this awesome front-end!)


Thanks to @[email protected] for another release with awesome enhancements, see release notes here:

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