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My first instance here on Lemmy was Kbin too but I created a new account on Beehaw as soon as I learned about it.

Kbin was ok for me, the only thing I actually liked a lot was the chat tab or something that magazines had. At the time the UI there felt very frustrating for me.

I like how the administration cares about the community and I think from all the others you can actually care about your instance instead of just using it as means to access other content.

Just keep in mind that Beehaw might not be here in the long-term as there's a plan to migrate away from Lemmy. I don't think there's a set day to happen but it will, eventually.

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I think most of us like the generic communities as it means they are well cared for/moderated

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I'm currently running GrapheneOS on a Pixel 8 Pro. I use the provided sandboxed google services because of some apps (banking, etc). I use F-Droid for most of my needs. I don't understand what you mean by misleading advertising.

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It seems many banks/providers used to had this functionality and just stopped maintaining in favor of Google/Apple Pay.

Hopefully they decide to do it again.

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Yes I realized that, the one that doesn't is Aurora I think

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I'm confused why you would assume that there isn't any context where someone might need to store their cards on their phone instead of carrying a wallet. Have you considering asking why instead of assuming everyone is like you? Is amazing when you get to know other perspectives.

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We are currently using Vikunja, I got rid of planka because it was giving way too much trouble considering the amount of features it doesn't have.

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If this means that I might be able to use NFC payments because alternatives to Google Pay will exist, I am very happy. Hopefully this will also make possible to F-droid to provide auto updates.

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I just wanted to point out, no need to apologize! Hopefully you find something suitable for you.

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Have you checked this thread?

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Source: [REDACTED]

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Guy called me a nerd just for pointing out Tuxedo even explains on their website how to install snap.

It made a lot of sense after seeing he used to work at Canonical, lol.

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Is it true that he can still run for the office even if he's in jail?

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I've used "hot" for a long while but recently changed to "active". I honestly can't say the difference between them.

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Since we started to host our Navidrome server at home we are trying to get a few things every bandcamp friday.

Today I got:

My spouse got:

If you're getting anything today, please share it! We'd love to get to know new stuff.

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Anyone playing LE release? Will be playing as a duo with my spouse as soon as we're done with work today!

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It has been ongoing for me for almost two weeks. At first I thought it could be my phone, but I got a new phone last week and it has been happening in the new one too. One crashes was system wide and caused the phone to reboot.

I suspected it could be a custom extension that I use (Control Panel for Twitter) but happens even while the extension is disabled.

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Does anyone that pays for proton also use it with a SO? We've been looking to pay for it but the family plan looks like an overkill for us. The viable alternative is paying for the Mail Plus plan for each of us but we are a bit worried that we won't be able to share calendars.

Would appreciate if someone else has the same use case as us and could share their experiences. Thanks!

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This video almost made me cry in a few points. I am so guilty of punishing myself for being unable to be productive like others. I can relate to this so much, including attempting GTD for a long time (which surprise surprise, didn't work out!).

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