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I don't expect that. It should be trivial to have a redirect addon.

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If they just released the db, I think there are be many who'd be happy to host the service. But knowing Google, they probably won't do shit.

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Come on, it was right in their name. CrowdStrike. They were threatening us all this time.

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Yes, it's just a vote bank for the current PM. But I think it's probably a very dumb move, as even the people who'll benefit from it are speaking out against it.

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With blackjack and hookers.

Bender smoking a cigar

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For media, I host the some of the arr apps, qbittorrent, Jellyfin, gpodder2go, and navidrome. For personal photos, I host PhotoPrism. I host a file sharing service fileshelter, and a link shortening service chhoto-url. I host Wiki.js for mostly recipes, and some notes. I've recently started hosting Forgejo for my git repos. I also host SageMath for computation, it's especially useful when I only have my phone with me and need to use it. I use caddy as a reverse proxy and serve these through a VPS using a Wireguard tunnel.

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That's why I like memory foam pillows.

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When you buy a research paper, the author doesn't get any cut from it. The journals are scams, and should be destroyed. Until that happens, try searching on first, usually there are preprints available there. If not, contact the authors. Most of us are happy to share our results. Your local library can also help you get access to those.

These are the more legitimate ways, and then there's sci-hub. I've actually seen internationally renowned researchers open a paper using sci-hub on their laptop lol.

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Idk, installing Linux was pretty easy 10 years ago too. Can't comment about anything earlier than that though.

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Someone showed me MSWLogo in high school. I figured out that I can draw cool stuff, and do calculations in it. It inspired me to learn a real programming language. C was my first language. Then a learned C++, and Python. Then I lost interest in it for a few years, got a bachelor's in math. I'm still in math, but I gradually regained some interest in programming. It started with the odd bash script I had to write from time to time. Then I had some larger problem to solve, and decided to learn Rust to do it. Turned out great, it's on GitHub with ~100 stars. Currently I mostly code in Haskell and Lean, both for non-professional hobby work.

TL;Dr: I found it fun.

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I want to get a new VPS. It'll mostly be used to host lightweight Docker images, and reverse proxying through Caddy. So, decent CPU and fast network speeds are the main things I need.

I have a cheap VPS with RackNerd. It's fine, but only has a single CPU core, which gets overwhelmed if multiple connections are trying to pull stuff from some service. So, I guess having multiple cores is a requirement as well.

I want to spend around $5/month, but willing to go a little higher if it's worth it. Any suggestions are appreciated.

P.S. I'm based in US and would prefer something in here for lower latency.

Update: Hetzner's CX22 IPV6 only plan seems to be very good in terms of price-performance ratio. But the servers are in Europe. I'm planning to try it out for a while and see how the latency is. It's great that they don't lock you in with yearly plans.


I currently run a personal wiki for some notes, recipes, and stuff. It's set up using Wiki.js as the server. I'm the only regular user, and I feel like it's a bit of an overkill.

Does someone have any suggestions for a more lightweight wiki server? I tried DokuWiki and mostly like it. But the UI is very old and dare I say, ugly. I love the UI of Wiki.js btw.

My main criteria is that it should be lightweight. I don't need fancy editing features. Happy to work with raw html or markdown files.

I need some kind of permission management to hide some private wikis from the public, but otherwise I don't really care.

Help with snippets? (
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My goal is to automatically close the environment while editing a tex file. There was an issue for vimtex asking for basically what I want to achieve. They achieve it using snippets as mentioned there.

The problem is, I have no idea how to set it up. I've never used snippets in nvim. I have vim-vsnip and cmp-vsnip installed as it was needed for another plugin to work. Is it possible to implement this using those?

It can be noted that in vimtex, an environment can be closed by typing ]] which is a mapping of vimtex-delim-close. I basically want to emulate the behavior in VS Code using LaTeX Workshop. It auto-closes the environment, adds an indented line in the middle, and moves the cursor there.

If anyone has any other ideas about doing this without snippets, that's welcome too.

Kinda accurate lol (
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This post is mostly for me to look at alternatives. I currently subscribe to Trade. But recently I've been hearing about their bad practices like sending packages with wrong weight, or paying very little money to the roasters.

If you like your current subscription, please place a link so that others can check it out. If you don't, and want to switch, tell why so that I can avoid it too.


For the last few months, I've been splitting a bag of coffee beans into 2-3 portions and freezing them. I've seen that it extends the freshness by a bit. Now, I've been storing them in older coffee bags (the standard sealable ones) since they take up less space than jars and also I'm just reusing something that would've gone to landfill/compost.

I do clean them of residues of older beans and don't use a bag more than 2 times since I get new bags whenever I buy beans anyway. Are there any health/quality issues that might arise from this that I should be aware of? Should I just store them in sealed glass jars instead?

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I currently use TickTick for managing my todo tasks. i haven't been able to find an FOSS replacement for it yet.

The main features that I need in an app like this would be:

  1. It should be accessible from the desktop. Don't necessarily need an app, a website is good enough.
  2. It should have a decent android app with a home screen widget for listing all the upcoming and overdue tasks.
  3. It'll be really nice if it can interpret date and time from the task description to add reminders. For example, writing "Remind me to get some milk at 6pm" will put a reminder for that task at 6PM.

Please let me know if you know about such an app. Thanks.


When I was in college, my then girlfriend texted me that she was watching Jojo Rabbit. She knew it was one of my favorite movies, and said that she loved it too. She was talking about how Scarlett Johannson's shoes almost have their own personality. So I said,


yeah, it's devastating when you notice her shoes on the hanging body.

Turns out she had paused the movie to make some dinner, and hadn't seen this part yet. Needless to say, she was PISSED!


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I have an SSD that's around 5 years old now. It used to be in my laptop. But then I upgraded my laptop and put it in a homeserver. It still works perfectly well but from what I've read, SSDs fail suddenly without much prior indications.

Do you think I should replace it already? It's not running any super important stuff. If it dies, it'll just mean that my media servers will be down for a day, not a super big deal since I have regular backups. I feel bad creating unnecessary e-waste, so I'll love to know your experience with SSDs and how frequently do you usually replace them.

Also, if you know a tool which can help me detect remaining lifespan of an SSD, that'll be very helpful. Thanks.

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