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@Prione @prunerye Itch.io is what you may like.

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@dingus @Eheran this sounds terrible. What are you going to do?

[-] [email protected] 3 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

@irmoz @const_void we as gamers need to unite and not have to feel like we need to participate in this manner. We can create things we like on engines and systems of our choice. We make it worse by indulging in individualistic behavior of not standing by our fellow gamer.

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@RandomLegend @Haui steam deck needs to be more open. Have the option to go into desktop mode without having to sign into steam and drm free games be automatically be free of steam engine.

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@flashgnash @mnemonicmonkeys i use heroic on my Mac since gog launcher won’t launch. But, I can not play windows games line I could on steam deck.

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@Peafield @alwaysconfused how does one uninstall an OS and install a new one?

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@Nefyedardu @petsoi @MJBrune we need to be vocal that the people want a steam gaming laptop and OS. Steam deck is a good start.

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@Helix @someguy3 what do you mean? Wouldn’t a budget gaming laptop get more FPS at higher settings? What kind of gaming laptop should one get? What’s mid range?

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