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The pine needles are falling here. The oak leaves are just starting as well.

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I had never seen this kind before. Some more shots below.

Edit: Ugh, how can I rotate the first photo below? Jerboa posted it upside down.

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This is the same stump as the sprouting Mycelium.

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I feel that. I was rocking an S8 I got Black Friday 2017, but I finally had to upgrade in March to an S23. The battery just couldn't get through the day anymore and I didn't want to go through the hassle of swapping the battery myself. I couldn't ship it somewhere to get it done either as I use it for work purposes.

I was perfectly content with the S8, otherwise. I could have used it for another 5 years if the battery was easily swappable.

I'm hoping my S23 will last me another 5.5 years (I enabled battery save mode so it only charges to 85%, which is more than enough for me). And by that point, I hope Fairphone has a flagship that's good enough to switch to.

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Prices for the batteries and panels themselves have dropped. Just not the cost to install them.

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Nvm. These are wooly oak galls. I tried deleting the post, but Jerboa won't let me. Mods, you can remove if you want.

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Can confirm. I own a pair. Their build quality is really nice, too. They're satisfying to me to touch and hold.

I have their "weakest" one, but it still makes a lot of noises tolerable. I was helping my dad today install a new window and the hammer nor impact drill bothered me when I had the plugs in. They're able to remove a bit of the "bite" from loud noises, if that makes sense.

Only complaint I have with them is my voice and any in-body noises (I.e. Eating) become exceptionally loud. It's like it reflects everything inside back at your ears. But that's only a problem in quieter environments. In louder locations it's not as noticeable.

Otherwise I use 3M's yellow foam ear plugs, however any foam plug works for me. They're not the most reusable, but they're cheap and you can buy a big box of them.

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I used to do the same thing in college at parties, though with ear plugs. Super helpful and made being there so much more enjoyable. Most people never brought it up. Some were curious about it and would ask; one would experiment by talking really quietly and I could still hear him fine. And I've only had a few who were big enough assholes to pull them out of my ear without asking me. So be wary of people like that. They're rare, but they exist.

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Would anyone happen to know this one?

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Embarrassing if so. But I'm not aware of any nearby food sources that would give them purple droppings. We also have a bird feeder in our yard and all the droppings on it are the normal color.

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Unfortunately this was the best I could do; it was incredibly tiny. I think it was about 1 cm in length. Upper Peninsula of Michigan on some moss at the base of a mature white pine tree. Hopefully that information helps; I know some fungi and molds can be quite particular.

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That's why I always keep a pair of ear plugs on me. Never know when you need to block out the noise.

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Thanks! And that's also the baffling part. I have no idea what we did to get so many to grow. All we ever do to our yard is mow and infrequently water it if it's been dry. No fertilizers or pesticides.
However, this summer we did let some areas keep growing as those sections had small flowers the bees were using. Then mowed when they all died. Would simply letting some areas grow really get that many to grow?

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This was a good chunk of the chickenfat, but the rest were more spread out.
Several other kinds of mushrooms are growing in abundance, too. I posted several of them in /c/Mushrooms before I discovered this community. Maybe you can help me ID some (read: most) of them! I may have also mis-ID'd some, too.

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Beyond All Reason if you're looking for an RTS similar to Supreme Commander. I haven't tried playing it in a few years though. I'm sure it's gotten some updates since then.

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However, if you are set on upgrading, I'd look at any of their 6000 series, from the 6600 on up to the 6950XT. I don't recommend anything below the 6600 from that generation. Since you didn't give a price range, I gave you a GPU range. All of those GPU's are getting heavy discounts and they're all solid cards. Only thing to note is if you go for the 6800XT and above to make sure your power supply can handle it. While they weren't as bad as Nvidia, they could still suck down power.
I think I would personally recommend the 6700XT. I believe it has 12 GB of VRAM which will help it last longer in the coming years. 8 GB just doesn't cut it anymore.

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How do you feel about your score?

For me, I got a 42. On one hand, I finally feel like I have an explanation for why I never "fit" in and felt like I was never meant for this world. On the other hand, I feel a little sad about this and, in a way, wish it was something else. But I can't quite figure out why. I need to keep ruminating on this.

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I'm still investigating if I'm austistic, but oh, God. I think you just made me realize why I have never had a successful "real" job interview in my life (by real, I mean them asking me legit questions, and not them just basically giving me the job). All the interview help I got from my NT friends and family never worked for me.

I remember before one interview my dad told me to, "be yourself." And I remember thinking, "Being myself is the reason I can't get a job."

I'll be stewing over this for a while.

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Another thing to add on: it can be difficult for AI to "unlearn" things. So if it learned a bias that it shouldn't have, getting rid of it will be particularly hard.

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