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Adobe is a bloated garbage company that hasn't truly innovated in a decade, they're just hoarding their proprietary tools and formats to squeeze as much money out of customers as possible.

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SIM cards do sometimes malfunction, so if that happens and you glued it in you're kinda screwed.

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This is utter nonsense. First, let me point out that this is an ad for Surfshark, a VPN company. They're trying to sell you their service by scaring you.

Second, their methodology is absolutely useless, it's an easy and very common way to come up with a clickbait article like this. They're just looking at app store permissions, and assuming the app with the most permissions is bad and the one with the least permissions is good. Which is utter nonsense, it might be that the apps with more permissions NEED those permissions because they have more FEATURES.

I could make a "language learning" app that ONLY asks for the audio recording permission, and then sell audio recordings of my users to the highest bidder. But Surfshark would praise my literal spyware as "privacy-focused" because it only needs one privacy permission!

The way to ACTUALLY do this properly would be to fully audit each app, find out WHY it's asking for additional permissions, go over the full privacy policy, and do some packet captures to figure out when the app is phoning home to send data, and what servers it's connecting to. Contact the app owners, ask them why exactly their app needs each permission. Consult some experts.

But that's too hard for Surfshark, they just want to write a scary article so that they can sell you a VPN that doesn't really make you safer on the internet.

EDIT: You know why I dropped Surfshark? They started bundling a "virus scanner" in with their "privacy-focused" VPN client. So my "privacy" tool wanted to scan all my files all of a sudden? GTFO.

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It's basically the gold standard, audited and proven. I hear good things about IVPN as well.

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You don't use Mullvad for their performance, you use them for their insanely paranoid security and privacy practices.

And for the record, I was never impressed with Surfshark speeds. I dropped them when they bundled a virus scanner into their VPN client, that's sketchy as hell. I don't want my VPN provider scanning my files.

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You are incorrect. Look through their blog archive (scroll to the bottom): https://mullvad.net/en/blog/

They've been posting steadily for over a decade, maybe the posts just got more popular this year on whatever sites you browse

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The game has been free for 16 years. This is the paid version to support the devs, literally because they're getting old and they have medical bills to pay.

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I think 50k is definitely on the low end of what you might consider a "city". And you're right, it would depend on density. IMO a city with that population can't really sustain a bus system if it's spread out too much.

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I don't have a definitive answer to your first question, but why would we want to limit a sub to FOSS-only discussion? It's a more restrictive designation. By calling the sub "open source" we're keeping it open to software that isn't technically FOSS.

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  2. Shit+F10 (you might need to hit Fn+Shift+F10) will open up command prompt


  4. It should now reboot and give you the option to make a local account in the fine print

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They're not sanitizing their inputs properly. Little Bobby Tables strikes again!

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If you're not a power user, then it'll probably work fine for several years. And it will be cheap and easy to replace the battery in 3-5 years when it starts to degrade, or replace the screen if you drop it. Not sure if a full 10 year lifespan is realistic, though.

And you're right, the price is high, but it's not supposed to be an affordable phone. The stated goal of the Fairphone is to be better for the environment and better for people than most other electronics. So, they have to do things like use sustainable materials and source parts from places that treat their workers well. All of that means that Fairphones will NEVER be as cheap as other brands. Because doing things right costs more.

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