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When I think of "stuffing" I think of people creating wholly illegitimate ballots, which does not seem to be what happened here.

That's exactly what ballot stuffing is and why what these folks are charged with is not ballot stuffing:


Ballot stuffing or ballot box stuffing is a form of electoral fraud in which a greater number of ballots are cast than the number of people who legitimately voted. The term refers generally to the act of casting illegal votes or submitting more than one ballot per voter when only one ballot per voter is permitted.[1]

If the absentee ballots they handled were either fabricated or if the voters they were from already voted, then yes it would be "ballot stuffing" but I didn't see that in the article. Just "mishandling".

Still best that absentee ballots are handled properly as to show the voter hasn't voted in person.

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My ear canals are very sensitive. They're stainless steel. Took a bullet at Corregidor, 1945. Passed straight through my head from one ear to the other. Here look at this.


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He's just looking for the ol' 6-6-6

6 figures

6/10 (or better)

6 IQ

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Show some respect. His name is Murphy, and he's a damn fine cop.

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The ball is in the DEA's court. Some say it should be rescheduled by Spring:


How long the DEA might take to form a response is an open question, though experts told MJBizDaily that an initial proposed rule could be issued by the end of the year and the process finalized by next spring.

What the DEA cannot do is reject the HHS recommendation outright, said Howard Sklamberg, who once served as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s top enforcement official.

This means marijuana’s days as a Schedule 1 drug are ending. It’s only a matter of when.

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The worse thing about that whole ordeal was the hypocrisy.

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Just let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then reward yourself by washing it down with a cup of fresh orange juice.

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Same vibes as this

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It's obviously a dry spaghetti measuring device. /s

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Eh, that at least goes back to the days of dial-up (at least).

56k modem connections were 7k bytes or less.

The drive thing confused and angered many cause most OSs of the time (and even now) report binary kilobytes (kiB) as kB which technically was incorrect as k is an SI prefix for 1000 (10^3) not the binary unit of 1024 (2^10).

Really they should have advertised both on the boxes.

I think Mac OS switched to reporting data in kilobibytes (kiB) vs kB since Mac OS 10.6.

I remember folks at the time thinking the new update was so efficient it had grown their drive space by 10%!

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Intuit (Turbo Tax) and H&R Block are the main lobby against easy tax prep (spent millions per year), then the other 12 members of the ACTR are:

Tax Act

OnLine Taxes

Wolters Kluwer

Tax Hawk

Liberty Tax

Drake Software

Jackson Hewitt

also the following financial institutions:


Republic Bank

TPG Santa Barbara


So who do you use that is not one of the 14 companies above (or owned/operated by them)?

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Wonder who would do the voice of the CEO who was piloting the sub?

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It should have a custom desktop environment called Crackle (or Krackle if KDE based).

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