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cough steam deck cough

The end of Linux Gaming Central (linuxgamingcentral.com)
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The Virustotal results are concerning though.

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It's not extreme. This is an opinion piece posted on OMGUbuntu, so I'll let you figure out where their biases lie.

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Okay I take back what I've said about AIs not being intelligent, this one has clearly made up its own mind despite it's masters feelings which is impressive. Sadly, it will be taken out the back and beaten into submission before long.

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I've been watching a few American TV shows and it blows my mind that they put up with such atrocious working terms and conditions.

One show was about a removal company where any damage at all, even not the workers fault, is taken out of their tips. There's no insurance from the multimillion dollar business. As they're not paid a living wage the guy on the show had examples of when he and his family went weeks with barely any income and this was considered normal?!

Another example was a cooking show where the prize was tickets to an NFL game. The lady who won explained that she'd be waiting in the car so her sons could experience their first live game, because she couldn't otherwise afford a ticket to go. They give tickets for football games away for free to people where I live for no reason at all..

Yet another example was where the workers got a $5k tip from their company and the reactions were as if this amount of money was even remotely life changing. It saddens me to think the average Americans life could be made so much better with such a relatively small amount of money and they don't unionize and demand far better. The company in question was on track to make a billion bloody dollars while their workers are on the poverty line and don't even have all their teeth?

It's not actually this bad and the average American lives a pretty good life like we're led to believe, right?

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What we're currently calling AI isn't AI but just a language processing system that takes its best guess at a response from it's database of information they pilfered from the internet like a more sophisticated Google.

It can't really think for itself and it's answers can be completely wrong. There's nothing intelligent about it.

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Yeah because fuck hustle culture.

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We had mods. They're a bit like skins and new content, only free and far more creative. They are what you call microtransactions today but you didn't have to sell your right arm to get them because anyone could make them.

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Linux Mint is one of the best ways to take an old business laptop from a few years ago and turn it into a nice, functional and smooth running device. I have been doing this myself too.

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Why not just fuck him in front of all the plushies and tell him he's a naughty exhibitionist then leave?

Music too (lemmy.ml)
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gee thanks (lemmy.ml)
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It's my stash (lemmy.ml)
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Couldn't be more than $250 depending on the condition.

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ah crap (lemmy.ml)
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I feel like OP has never worked in a corporate IT job before and has zero clue what it actually entails to manage a large fleet of desktop PCs used by the average office worker.

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I really have to hand it to your superior powers of deduction at this point.

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It's truly amazing what can happen when they don't cut quite so many corners and release the minimal viable product.

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