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Thank you. Will check it out!

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Agreed. Some of that casting was SO spot on (Jonah in particular)

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Dark (German/Netflix)


I'm interested in self-hosting a Wishlist like the way Amazon's wishlist used to work.


  • Add links from websites
  • Mark items as purchased on others' lists
  • Hide purchased items within timeframe of birthday, christmas, etc


  • Bookmarklet to easily add link
  • Runs on OpenBSD with php/nginx
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I assume you're talking about the order in which apps appear when you first launch rofi. That's in the cache file in ~/.cache as something like rofi3.druncache or rofi-3.druncache (or both). Delete (or rename) them and see if that addresses your issue.

If you truly mean the config file, it's in ~/.config/rofi. Delete or rename to see if it fixes your issue

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Yeah. SVN's ability to do that is not experimental. I'm hoping that they make that feature much easier

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One thing I like about SVN that, at least in the past, was not easy with Git is checking out sub directories.

One thing I do is check out svn+ssh://svn/home/svn/configs/server/etc and copy the .svn file over to /etc so that I can check in changes from the actual directory on my servers at home. I never found a good way to do that on Git. But, admittedly, I haven't looked in a couple years.

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Oh yeah! Definitely awesome. Bear is great!

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All Along the Watchtower (favorite versions: Jimi Hendrix and Dave Matthews Band)

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Looks like some process in your startup scripts (fish profile, etc) have not completed. I have seen this type of thing when NFS mounts are unreachable. Try opening another terminal window... if it does the same thing, press Ctrl+C, then run ps -ef and see what processes are running as you that might be hung

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Wez is actually pretty awesome too

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In 1993, a guy I knew had a Linux server running in his dorm room. I think it was a 0.9x kernel. He dialed into the University network and I was able to telnet in through my own dial up connection to the University. He was running Slackware.

Within a couple months, I downloaded all 30+ 1.44 diskette images and built my own Slackware server. In that time I used Slackware and Red Hat (which then became Fedora before RHEL became a thing). Now I've pretty much settled on Debian for servers and Arch for desktop/laptop systems.

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If you guys have gmail accounts, use Google Chat.

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