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The PVV is predicted to win 35 out of 151 seats, followed by GL-PvdA (left progressive) at 25, previous ruling party VVD (right) at 24 and newcomer NSC (centre conservative) at 20.

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42.6 °C actually (Rio de Janeiro). That “nearly 60 °C” is the heat index. It is very worrying though…

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I’ll definitely look into The Day I Became a God, I’m a bit unsure about School Live, is it that good?

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The plot sounds interesting enough, I’ll check it out, thanks!

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I think I’ll check out Violet Evergarden ASAP as it seems the most popular answer! Also, thank you for the rest, I have heard of most of them but haven’t seen them yet.

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Yeah it’s more like you said, it has its sad moments. I’ve read that it made people cry, so that’s why I included it. Thanks for the list, I haven’t seen most of those

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Both sound very promising, I’ll look into them

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Yeah I messed up, should have been Sangatsu no Lion and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso…

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Good one, thank you!

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I didn’t think to add that one - I have seen that one about a decade ago, but that is a good suggestion! Thank you

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I messed up and deleted that one during formatting. It absolutely did hit hard!

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Hi, I’m looking for a show that will make me sad, angry or something like that. Some picks from shows that I have already seen:

• Angel Beats! - Didn’t care for it • Clannad • Anohana • Death Parade - Still get goosebumps • Kimi no Na wa • Shigatsu no Lion - I got so incredibly pissed off during that bullying arc (in a good way) • Koe no Katachi - Emotional rollercoaster

There’s probably a few more, but those come to mind. Do you have any more suggestions?

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Just finished watching the first season and I enjoyed it, especially the first half. Just a nice fantasy/isekai without too many frills. Hoping the second season slows down a little though, as the ending felt a little rushed.

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