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Look at the silver lining. At least their computers must have escaped the recent windows BSOD.

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Thanks, I'll look into them.


I just watched Apollo 10 1/2, a Jack Black narrated story of how it was like living as a child, in Houston when the moon mission was in full swing.

I found it intriguing and set me thinking: most movies exaggerate/glamorise things around their stories. Maybe they have to, to make the movies interesting.

But what are some movies that, kind of, provide a, kind of, window peep into a place/time. An 'authentic' representation of it, as close to how you saw/experienced it? Maybe you could expand it to include the travel documentaries/vlogs too because I find that most of them choose only the highlights of a place and look away from the mundane.


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I've set up tailscale in the past week and fallen in love with the ease of use. So, this has my vote too. But, if i was doing this, i would chop the file into, say, 500mb parts using 7z or WinZip and then transfer it through SCP (WinSCP if using windows) over tailscale IPs.

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Thank you! I'll look into it.

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Your point is valid. I'll use the learnings from this thread for other, robust, services first and keep an eye on the progress of immich in terms of security.

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Thank you, I'll work it out based on what you've told me.

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Thanks, I'll figure the best way out based on the responses.

And lol, I did not know about goDaddy being this bad since this was the first time I purchased a domain. Is it possible to move domains from one provider to another or do I have to wait for it to expire and then register on the other provider?

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I read about funnel and it is really cool. But it seems to only expose the services through a * type of URL. What I want is to use the domain that I've acquired.

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I have used reverse proxy in office setup where my local IP was NATed to a dedicated public IP. But in my home lab, I don't have a dedicated public IP. So, i need to figure a way around that.

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For now only Immich, but on a sub domain like I said in the PS. And yes, immich is installed using docker.


I have self hosted immich on Debian on my homelab. I have also setup tailscale to be able to access it outside my home.

Sometime ago, I was able to purchase a domain of my choice from GoDaddy. While I am used to hosting stuff on Linux, I've never exposed it for access publicly. I want to do that now.

Is it something I can do within tailscale or do I need to setup something like cloudflare? What should I be searching for to learn and implement? What precautions to take? I would like to keep the tailscale thing too.

PS: I would like to host immich as a subdomain like


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If-, by Rudyard Kipling.

Different stanzas of the poem have given me strengths through different challenges and I keep coming back to it.

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ViMusic has not been updated in quite some time. RiMusic is actively being developed.

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I have set up a refurbished PC as a media PC with storage. The OS, Debian, is on an m.2 nvme disk of 256 GB. I have connected 2x4TB risks in zfs mirror mode to store my media.

Off late, while booting, I've noticed some messages that suggest that the health of nvme disk is not good. Searching the error, i realised that I should not rely on it. I've done a number of tweaks to set up my system the way I like that I want to save by creating an image of the OS drive on a fresh nvme disk of same size that I have.

How do I go about doing it? I could boot using a live USB and create the image on the HDDs but the live USB OS won't recognise my zfs, right? Is using another external disk or another PC my only option here?

Thanks and cheers!

PS: The machine is a HP Elitedesk 800 G3 that has a wifi port that I've heard can be used as additional port for m.2 drives. Is it true?


I'm planning to construct a home sometime in the near future in hot, arid part of the country. Obviously, keeping the home cool is a major concern and I've been considering all available options.

One of the recurrent ideas discussed online is using geothermal cooling. But I think I don't have enough land to implement it. I have a related idea though.

Water supplied during set hours of the day by the municipality is fairly cool even during the summer months and it is a common practice around here to first let it collect in an underground tank and then pump it to the overhead tank as needed.

What if I create a closed loop system of circulating water with two car radiators: one in the underground tank, submerged in cool water and another in the living area of the home with a fan blowing behind it.

Do you think it'll cause perceptible change in room temperature if there is, say, a temperature difference of 10 degrees Celsius between water and ambiance? I intend it to only reduce the load on the air conditioners and/or just delay the use of AC.

What kind of math/physics will be needed to assess if this is a feasibility? I tried looking hard but could not find anyone else discussing this idea, so I'm reaching out to you guys.

Thank you for your time.

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