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There are also fan made graphics packs for the free version but they are not nearly as good as the steam version.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago)

Ah sorry it wasn't the actual linkding project but the browser plugin.


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Most residential connections in my experience don't change ips unless you disconnect the modem/router for long enough to lose the DHCP lease from the ISP. I guarantee most people are not going to bother doing that.

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The developer recently added support for SearXNG and some other alternatives to Google that lets you see related bookmarks when doing a search.

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Changing your browser fingerprint without also masking your IP with a VPN is kinda pointless. It's like wearing a disguise but leaving your driver's license at the scene of the crime.

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It's moderate at making up npc statblocks if I give it a description and a CR. I do find myself having to tweak the numbers a bit but it's great for coming up with special abilities or unique spell like effects.

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This mostly, I haven't seen a compelling reason to leave my docker setup.

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This is pretty cool, make sure you go to the GitHub for it to grab the docker compose file if you want to self host since most of the documentation seems to default to the hosted version.


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