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Public opinion manipulation becomes very evident when it's visualized. You can see the opinions quickly invert as the media narrative changed from positive to negative here


The real tragedy is that most people don't realize just how much their views are being manipulated and how easy it is to do that. People think themselves as being rational and informed, and that they couldn't possibly fall for cheap propaganda tactics. Yet, as the chart above clearly shows their views can be shifted from their current position to a completely opposite one in a very short time span.

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I see reading comprehension isn't one of your strong suites. Keep rereading what I wrote until you comprehend the size these supposed camps would have to be. I love how you just keep embarrassing yourself here without even realizing it. Zero self awareness.

I also love how you think that any building shot from satellite must be a detention facility. Maybe send me a dm sometime, cause I have a nice bridge I could sell you.

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LMFAO working to fix it. Sure buddy. Just like you're working to fix all your migrant concentration camps for kids you've got on the border. That's your western "democracy" in action. Concentration camps for kids. That's what you're all about.

Meanwhile, the claim that China is detaining millions of people in Xinjiang is so completely absurd that only an utter imbecile would believe it. Let's just look at how much space would you actually need to intern one million people.

This is a photo of Rikers Island, New York City's biggest prison. The actual size of a facility interning ten thousand people.

According to Wikipedia, "The average daily inmate population on the island is about 10,000, although it can hold a maximum of 15,000." Let's assume this is a Xinjiang detention camp, holding ten to fifteen thousand people. How many of these would it take to hold one million people?

Let's do some math:

Rikers Size Rikers Prisoners One Million Uyghurs Size
413.2 acres (0.645 square miles) 10,000 to 15,000 43 to 64 square miles

In reality, one million people would probably take more space; all the supposed detention camps we see are much less dense than Rikers.

For comparison, San Francisco is 47 square miles. Amsterdam is 64 square miles. You'd literally need detention camps that total the size of San Francisco or Amsterdam to intern one million Uyghurs. It'd be like looking at a map of California. There's Los Angeles. There's San Diego. And look, there's San Francisco Concentration City with its one million Uyghurs.

Literally visible to the naked eye from space.

The fact that you actually believed this bit of propaganda shows just how incredibly credulous you are. 😂

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Because there is plenty of evidence that NSA spies on people living in the west while there isn't a shred of evidence for that regarding Huawei devices. UK did a whole investigation into Huawei equipment and found nothing. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-europe-britain-idUSKCN1Q91PM

The fact that this needed to be explained to you really says volumes. Now go take a seat there champ.

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Because they published war crimes committed your regime, but let's just ignore that and make an idiotic straw man instead. 👏

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Don't worry, NSA already tracks everything you do.

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would truly be the heart warming story of the year we all deserve

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I'm guessing this would require a new specialized chip.

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Compared to Bluetooth:

  • 60% lower power consumption
  • Six times higher data transmission speed
  • 1/30th the latency
  • 7 dB improvement anti-interference for a more stable connection
  • Twice the coverage distance, and
  • 10 times more network connections

US won't benefit from this tech due to the US Huawei ban.

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I agree, I’d phrase it as if your labour is the primary means of paying your bills then you're working class.

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Solar isn't a solution for everything and that's precisely why China is pursuing a multi pronged approach for its transition off fossil fuels. China is actively developing wind power, geothermal, hydro, and nuclear on a massive scale. Each of these technologies has its own pros and cons, and they all work together.

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Where do you think all your shit is produced exactly genius. The biggest climate change threat are mouth breathers living in the west who consume more energy per capita than anywhere else in the world.

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All the liberal scumbags downvoting. Imagine being the kind of piece of shit that cheers on a war and then doesn't even want to look at what the result of that war is on the people of the country. All of you are the definition of human garbage.

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