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How many countries has China invaded or bombed from afar in the last forty years? How do China's loan conditions compare to those of the World Bank and IMF? The notion that they're "colonizing" anyone is completely daffy - they have long-running border disputes with some of their neighbors and a long-running leadership dispute with what remains of the previous government of China, those are completely different types of conflict.

As for Russia and Israel, the difference is that the people in the Donbas who seceded from Ukraine back in 2014 weren't placed there to displace Ukrainians as a Russian colonial project. They're the same people who lived in Donbas going back to the USSR's dissolution, and they had a series of legitimate grievances when the rest of Ukraine elected a government that was actively hostile to them.

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Broke: Giving someone a pet as a gift.

Woke: Making someone your pet as a gift.

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That was mostly by accident. IMO America's actions in and around WW2 are better understood as the result of two expanding empires bumping into one another (America and Japan)

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It's also funny because he also denounced Hamas' attack even though resisting a military occupation/blockade is allowed by international law.

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Neither North Korea nor Qatar are fascist. The former is communist and the latter is an absolute monarchy.

Unless you're saying FIFA is fascist which might be true idk.

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AFAIK the ruling about serving same sex couples specifically relates to "compelled speech", which means it definitely doesn't apply in this context and Amazon is hoping that right wing courts will expand the ruling (they might).

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Real talk if you're fine with China's anti-extremism program in Xinjiang and you're not fine with France enforcing secular clothing in its schools then you need to reflect on your double standards. While France has many instances of Islamophobia and I'm sure this policy has been implemented poorly in many places, the fact is that children should be protected from being forced into certain restrictive practices by their parents. Shit like this is why all schools should have uniforms - visible class and cultural distinctions only push the kids to segregate themselves, wiping away those distinctions at the door is an extremely valuable part of social education.

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tbf to France I'm pretty sure that if girls showed up in nun habits they would be sent home too. They make you take off visible jewelry if it has a cross on it AFAIK.

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Today is September 3, 2023 and Joseph Stalin saved the world from fascism.

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Which Communist regimes would say are the "real" communists? Because if you think (as many do) that every single mass movement that described itself as "communist" was bad, then I suspect you're not a communist at all.

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You misunderstand. When liberals violently overthrow the aristocracy, that's a liberation movement. When socialists violently overthrow the capitalists, that's authoritarian tankie red fascism.

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Is climate change an American plot to change Russian weather so that they will finally lose a land war? soviet-hmm

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