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Oh they know, Azure is running on Linux

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Do you see a string of anti-semites discovering they are jewish?


Do you see stream of homophobes caught with gay porn/orgies?

Yes, you do.

It's nothing more than that. That's the difference, and that's why people react this way.

People don't think too deeply about that. You make it seem like there is a conspiracy behind it, and that only gays can be homophobic.

I would say that everyone is a little big queer, and the more people deny it, specially going overboard, that means they are scared of it.

Why would people be scared of something so innocent? Most likely toxic masculinity or religious lies.

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You choose to be a priest, exactly as you choose to be openly bigoted and build your entire platform around it.

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People do that to Catholic church as well, does that make you feel like EVERY clergy man is a predator?

It's just a coincidence, but frequent enough, to make that connection.

Same as here. And those same homophobes and fragile masculiners will sing praises about well-built male bodies. And keep almost exclusively male company.

There are people who oppose gay marriage because it works for them politically, but if their base shifted opinions, would support it 100%. But they keep it all on the down low.

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It's just a random list, but there have been a lot more.

The point is, nobody believes they are all gay, just that many of the fervent ones happen to be. Or at the very least they have dabbled in the acts.

Like catholic church - very anti-gay, get altar boys have been molested at a very high rate.

So while 'not all homophobes', there is certainly a trend. And I dunno, perhaps it should be investigated deeper when you push on it like that.

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It's because it's a recurring theme.

Not that queer people cause homophobia, just a lot of homophobes turn out to fuck the same gender.

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I use onion for crunch

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What? Don't they just go to Walmart?

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They ate so many faces as of today, what are you talking about? Microsoft has a long history of doing this, I can't believe you can in any way defend them.

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So were many other things in the past.

I hate that people keep saying this shit.

'But the article said..' yes, the face eating leopards said there were not going to eat your face today.

See you next week.

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She could have Pokemon gone to Michigan

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Just FYI - it's mandatory to have a button like that next to the 'Accept all'.

Every site that doesn't do it should be reported.

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