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Owntracks , overland or traccar apps to track device coords when it moves

Then Owntracks offer a very basic webui to show your track or pins within a specific time period on a map

Dawarich has some extra features and can handle google takeout and both Owntracks and overland json's


Traccar has many features too

All apps require a server

I am also starting a web app that fit my needs

It offers search , route grouping , and a date picker .

I'm struggling to implement new features like poi visited locations , google takeout import , support other apps except owntracka, beatify it a bit etc but I'm no real Dev .

Either way you might want to have a look



My take on location history timeline . Hope some one could sanitize and beutify it.


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Yeah I've tried that with my webdav mount coz its the obvious thing to do.

Problem is local notes are exposed to other apps and unencrypted.

Apps like neutrinote can protect notes in their app sandbox and create a backup mirror in location of choice e.g. a webdav Mount that happens to be behind mtls.

Syncthing does not offer mtls.

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Thanks for the info. Will look in to that approach too.

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Mtls requires that the android client device has a certificate installed that matches the one installed on the server in order to access it.


Looking for a notes app. Must have an android client,support mtls,support attachments and card layout.

Only ones that can do that but with limitation are JTX board and nextcloud notes.

NC notes does not support attachments. JTX board is a journal,task first app and counts on icx protocol which have size limitations

Anyways anyone aware of any app that can do that?

ps: pls don't suggest to save to local storage and sync that.

pls don't suggest this app that cant do that but its great.

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Flash microg if your rom has signature spoofing

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Supports emoji & images Supports e2ee if the other party also have deny SMS installed Supports message forwording

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"But, thinking about it now, I doubt it will actually affect the feature"

It will not

We don't need to import a custom CA authority here just to insatll a client cert

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Vaultwarden behind mutual tls and reverse proxy and https://github.com/oguzhane/bitwarden-mobile until https://github.com/bitwarden/mobile/pull/2629 is merged

But honestly all services you mentioned are worthy.

Anything that fits your needs imao

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OMV is quite limiting and maybe a little heavy for the pi(?)

Docker is straightforward Idk what to say You install docker and docker compose on host and run some compose.yml's to spin up your services

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RPI4/400 is perfectly capable as a little home server. All it needs is a good SD card.

Owntracks,photoprism,monocker,brave go m-sync,libre photos,wallabag,radicals e,Baikal,Firefox sync,Joplin web,webdav server,jellyfin,vaultwarden,wireguard

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Icard is actuality the only alternative that can register as a contactless nfc payment that not relying on google/Apple wallet and its perfectly safe. It's an actual bank in Bulgaria and is eu regulated and PCI certified


Not Foss. Kinda of a privacy nightmare as you need to verify your identity and location with actual documents but as already said its not google and is a solid option if you are degoogled.

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As every android user I try tons of apps. Mostly Foss or at least privacy friendly apps. Thought of gathering app links and categorizing them in a telegram channel. Please have a look if you want and also join the chat for app suggestions. thanks.

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