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Ah yes, sorry, the upload is currently capped at 5MB. You can change that limit in the PocketBase backend. I will add a guide to the docs.

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Happy that you got it working. What exactly does not work with the photos? Fell free to open a GitHub issue, if that's easier.

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I really love working with PocketBase. It gives you such a headstart, but also is highly customizable. It's really the best of both worlds.

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I don't know the app. But on the linked page it says it supports GPX and KML. Both of which wanderer supports.

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Exactly! As long as you have the track in a GPX, TCX or KML file, you are good to go.

You can also plan your route directly on wanderer (so you don't fall off another cliff ;))

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Thanks! No this is an extremely low spec server: 2GB RAM and 2 virtual cores.

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Or use the demo ;)

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Cool! I always recommend OsmAnd.


Hey there,

it's been a while since my last post. Since then - with the help of this awesome community - I have added multiple new features and fixed a lot of bugs.

Most importantly there is now a working demo alongside a shiny new landing page.

And here are some more fun features I added since then:

  • Trail drawing: in addition to uploading you GPX, TCX or KML files, you can now also simply draw a trail by defining multiple waypoints. The route between them will be calculated automatically.
  • Sharing trails: simple and straightforward - you can share your trails with other users and let them view or edit.
  • Printing trails: there is now a dedicated print view. Plan your adventure digitally and then take it with you on paper.
  • wanderer is now available in 8 different languages (thanks to translators from the community). If you would like to contribute a translation you can do so here.
  • You can now bulk upload multiple trails at once simply by putting them in a dedicated auto-upload folder

And much more. I'd be happy if you give it a try in case you haven't yet.

GitHub repo:

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With docker you can simply change the port mapping in the compose file

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That's strange, I never had that happen. If you have the time could you please open an issue on GitHub?

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Absolutely all help is welcome. Please check out the roadmap for my current plans. I'd be delighted if you could add your Dutch translation here:

Dank je wel!

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Speed statistics were added in v0.2.0. Hopefully also with some bugfixes.


Over the last two months, I developed wanderer. It is a self-hosted alternative to sites like or in other words a self-hosted trail database. It started out more as a small hobby project to teach myself some new technologies but in the end, I decided to develop it into a fully-fledged application.

Core Features:

  • Manage your trails
  • Extensive map integration and visualization
  • Share trails with other people and explore theirs
  • Advanced filter and search functionality
  • Create custom lists to organize your trails further
  • Chique design with a dark and light theme
  • Fully mobile compatible

wanderer is completely open-source. You can find the GitHub repo here:

wanderer is still under active development so if you encounter any bugs/errors or have suggestions please let me know here or open an issue on GitHub.

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