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Because your conservative funded news outlets have a very overt goal here.

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The CEO is a right wing trump worshiper.

Dig into the company's tweet history, and find archived tweets that were deleted for PR/white-washing reasons.

Long history of this stuff.

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This is what fundamental scientific illiteracy gets you.

When you have no reference point for how the world around you works anything makes sense.


I'm looking for some sort of chores calendar where we can set up scheduled chores each day and assign an owner to them.

If those chores are not done then they start to stack onto the next day.

My spouse and I need to hold each other accountable for the chores and tasks in which we are assigned. And I think a great way to represent that is showing how uncompleted chores stack up, they don't go away, the time it takes to complete them still exists as a form of debt to our free time.

Are there any open source projects that do this sort of thing or help with keeping up with the home, tasks, & household chores?



Just saw this today and I am pretty stoked. It's just a drop in replacement and performs > 10x faster under workloads with many client connections. Not that I found redis slow, but in Enterprise workloads that's a lot of money saved. $50k Garnet clusters handling similar workloads for $5k would be significant.

It being essentially entirely written in C# makes it pretty easy to read, understand, contribe to, and extend. Custom functions in C# have a pretty low barrier to entry.

I get that there's probably going to be a lot of hate just because this is released by Microsoft developers.... But in my opinion the C# ecosystem is one of the best to build on.