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U can but alas only ipv4. I disabled ipv6 in the router and everything is fine. Ipv6 if i read correctly is hardcoded into android and i cannot change my routers dns

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To clarify new android phone bypasses pihole with ipv6 isp box cant configure anything. Would this work?

Router (ipv6 dns) (lemmy.world)
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Good evening.

I have a need for a new router thinking of a Flint2 which must be able to route ipv6 dns to a destination of my choice.

Any ideas?

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Esp32 cam and. Usb c or micro . Works well with motioneye.

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When the otherhalf plays games on her phone i watched the blocked % rise dramatically.

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As a side note i had to portforward in my router to make this work.

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I chose wireguard implemented by pivpn (i like pi's)

Wireguard app on phone and a quick duckduck will find you a script or app for your laptop. Connected to your home in seconds.

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Keepalived is the way. Gravity sync keeps everything in line. Works like a charm. I migrated yesterday from wifi to wired and cannot be happier. As a bonus did not need to reconfigure pivpn.

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My use case is similar. So i use a Pi 5 running motioneye dev 64bit. 3 cams 2 usb webcams (uvc compliant) 1 esp32 cam wifi. Another Pi a 4 this time runs pihole and wireguard vpn. Static ip so all is good. Homarr is my dashboard and i can view from that or the motioneye interface directly.

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Are you able yo host alongside freenas or on top of?