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Tom Hanks Warns Fans About ‘AI Version of Me’ Promoting Dental Plan: ‘I Have Nothing to Do With It’::Tom Hanks shared a computer-generated image of himself on Instagram, warning his followers about an 'AI version of me' promoting a dental plan.

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Mozilla's midlife crisis has taken it from web pioneer to Google's weird neighbor::Can the sleeping fox ever wake up?

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Microsoft Looking to Use Nuclear Reactors to Power Its Data Centers::undefined

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Microsoft ends free upgrade from Windows 7 to 11::undefined

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Apple blames iOS 17 bugs and apps like Instagram for making iPhone 15s run hot::Apple says iPhone 15 and 15 Pro phones are getting too hot, but says it’s a software problem in both iOS 17 and third-party apps that is already being addressed

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Every single Onewheel is being recalled after four deaths::Future Motion, along with the CPSC, is recalling 300,000 Onewheel self-balancing skateboards. Four crash deaths were reported, and the company resisted recall last year.

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Apple will issue a software update to address iPhone 15 overheating complaints::Apple said that the new iPhones were running hot because of a combination of bugs in iOS 17, bugs in apps, and a temporary set-up period.

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Apple says it will fix software problems blamed for making iPhone 15 models too hot to handle::Apple is blaming a software bug and other issues tied to popular apps such as Instagram and Uber for causing its recently released iPhone 15 models to heat up and spark complaints about becoming too hot to handle

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Renewable Power Helped the United States Survive the Hottest Summer Ever::This summer, the United States endured the two warmest months ever recorded, yet the system held because of renewable energy.

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Living to 120 is becoming an imaginable prospect::undefined

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Using fMRI scans on 19 lonely fans of “Game of Thrones”, researchers discovered that they processed their favorite characters similarly to real friends in their brains. This suggests that lonelier ...::In lonely people, the boundary between real friends and favorite fictional characters gets blurred in the part of the brain that is active when thinking about others, a new study found.Researchers scanned the brains of people who were fans of “Game of Thrones” while they thought about various characters in the show and about their real frien...

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In a leaked memo, Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke put limits on employees having side hustles, saying Shopify requires 'unshared attention'::Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke discourages employees from side hustles in company memo, saying their jobs require their undivided attention.

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