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Until then I hope you get the issue solved! Best if luck friend :)

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Ive been using DDNS :p

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LOL! That makes me want to do that

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Have you tried OpenWrt? It works like a dream for this kind of stuff + the community is very helpful

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Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom.ips has been sitting there for do long. One day

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Thats why you always keep the claw trimmers around and if theyre too long you push on their toe beans a bit to expose the claw, and give it a little snip. You dont get hurt and the cat now has an objective to make them sharp again over the next few weeks


Sorry if this is slightly off topic, I searched for communities about tech support on here and couldn't find anything that wasn't dead in the water. Basically I want to use WPA3 on my Network, however my Windows partition doesn't support WPA3 for some reason. I only keep that piece of trash around for school work. My Fedora Linux partition can use WPA3 just fine so I assume this is a driver issue. Is there any way to use Linux WiFi drivers on Windows?

(inb4 how the turntables)


Hello, I self host an email server and I am currently using mailcow-dockerized, however I have found their community support to be extremely lackluster, and their software having major annoyances that have either gone unfixed for years or are so specific in scope that going through the song and dance of submitting it to their GitHub using their lengthy bug reporting process isnt worth it (because most of what they ask for is unrelated to the bug I'm reporting)

I want an email server that I can allow my friends and family to use, and that can generate random aliases they can use when signing up for websites or software that can be easily deleted if they no longer use the service or want their spam. I dont have very many requirements other than that one feature, and the software either being stable enough on its own, or the community being nicer around supporting their users.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Lemmy, this is my first time posting instead of commenting so if this is the wrong place or I'm formatting this wrong feel free to let me know how to fix it.

One of my healthcare providers (US) has just alerted me I've been affected by a Data breach (from February, so glad to see they took it seriously and alerted people quickly). The breach supposedly affects Full name, address DoB, and health information such as illnesses and medications. They have sent a 2 page information packet that gives recommendations such as calling the three creditors and a "free" 5 year subscription to an experian credit monitoring service. Upon checking the website they want my full name, DoB, SSN, Address, email, phone number, and I'm sure if they could my blood type and fingerprints.

What I would like to know is are these services they are providing me with "safe" for a threat model that involves keeping my information out of the hands of advertisers, bad actors and people who don't need it? Do they already have this information and are just asking to verify who I am? I'd prefer not to have my identity stolen due to someone else's computer having a security flaw. What's my best course of action to preserve my privacy while not having my identity stolen?

Thanks for any help in advance.

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