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Not who you asked, but I think some might argue that it would be a scam if you ordered it and it didn't arrive or something like that. If it works against one facial recognition model than technically it is just bad marketing. Either way is bad, though.

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It's not great. I have one, and I am able to use it, but there are some issues. Battery life is the main one. It will probably get 6 hours or so of active use, but they don't have good idle power management, so you don't get much more by turning it off.

Their performance isn't bad. It wasn't ever all that great though. It was mainly ppw that people liked, and you wouldn't really get that benefit with asahi because of the previously mentioned power management issues. Newer AMD laptops will absolutely outperform it.

Another issue that you didn't ask about, but I feel is worth mentioning: apple's build quality is bad. On mine, the display flashes pink sometimes. It did this before I ever put asahi on it. There are many reports of other users with the same issue. When I fist noticed it, it only happened once a month or so. Now I notice it 5-10 times a day, and I don't use it that much (maybe an hour or so a day).

Also, according to Louis Rossmann, there is a data line next to a power line on the motherboard that can easily be shorted out in humidity. He has pointed out many design issues, and usually they persist for quite some time before apple does anything, if they ever do.

I know I am coming across as very biased against apple, but keep in mind that I bought one. I thought that M1 was a large step forward in the quality of their products, and thought it was worth it to get one. I was wrong.

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I thought the game was 2048.

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I archive, never delete or stop seeding. I would just delete when you need space if you don't want to buy drives.

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I forgot how version numbers work for a second, and that 6.1 is not 6.10.

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Unfortunately, that doesn't exist without the API. You could use the normal frontend and container tabs for ff. They are an extension, but it's made by Mozilla and integrates quite well. You can even automate it so Reddit always opens in a specific container.

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But it isn't. It sends me an nginx error. The nginx is on that server, so that server isn't completely down.

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So then.................... maybe try being direct with your answer.

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I've got a 1tb boot drive and it isn't used for much, but stuff happens, so... idk.

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I don't think it is a hardware issue. I have decent hardware that's fairly new. I unfortunately can't say much, though another commenter let me know the SSH failure message is relevant. It see connection closed, which means that it is probably failing to boot. I think an update or something may have broken it, though it is debian stable, so Idk. I'm going to try to call my sister and see if I can get a picture of an error message or something.

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It's not the DNS. That was the first thing I checked. Also, I don't use cloudflare.

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It says connection closed. There is no message beyond that. I think it is likely that it is failing to boot. I might video call my sister and have her try to boot it so I can see any errors.

Edit: Also, thanks very much for your response. It was very detailed and informative.

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I am currently out of town, and my server went down. All my services go through nginx, and suddenly started giving error 502. My SSH won't let me in. I had my sister reboot the server, and it still doesn't work. I apologize for the lack of details, but that is all I know, and I can't access logs. I've cleared cache, and used a VPN in case fail2ban got me. I recently got a tp link router, so it could be something with that, but it was working for a while. I will have her do another reboot, and if that doesn't work I will have her power off and unplug the server in case it was hacked.

Edit: I have absolutely no clue why, but it works now. I literally did nothing. As far as I know, my sister hasn't touched it today. It just started working. Computers, man...

Edit 2: Actually she said she did something. Not sure what, but it works now.

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My family needs a new router to replace the old (though not old enough that it should be dying) netgear router that is slowly dying. I want to do something with good foss firmware like opnsense or openwrt. I was thinking that the BananaPi options look good, but had some concerns. I would like to install the firmware myself, rather than trust that the manufacturer didn't modify it in any way. I don't know if the pre-made openwrt bananapi routers can be flashed with custom firmware easily. Also I need something with wifi (ideally wifi 6 or better), though would be willing to consider a separate WAP. VLANs would be nice too, but I could live without them. Have any of you done this? What has your experience been, both with install and long term? Is there anything I should look out for that I might not think of? What resources can I use to find out more about this?

Edit: This is the one I'm looking at. Sorry for linking to Amazon but I used FF's remove tracking from URL feature.

Never buy .xyz (
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I just wanted to post this here because I want to help you all and hurt as much as possible. I had a .xyz domain through which I used to host jellyfin, homeassistant, and other basic things for friends and family. My domain recently became inaccessible without any notice. After a while of troubleshooting, I found that it had been reported to xyz as abuse, and they must have done zero investigation whatsoever before serverholding my domain. I thought about opening a ticket with xyz to get my domain back, but realized that I no longer wish to buy from some shitty company that will take down any site without warning. Bought a .com domain since they are somewhat reputable, and I would advise everyone here to never buy a .xyz domain. Angry rant over.

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Currently, I use Debian on my server. I have an Intel Arc GPU that I use for transcoding, however hardware encoding doesn't work. I am able to get a slight performance benefit from decoding, but encoding would be much better. I have an A750 in my desktop (not server), and was able to get hardware acceleration working, but only with openSUSE Tumbleweed with the stable kernel (6.9.4). While I would love to have encoding, (I am limited on upload speed and av1 encoding isn't practical on the CPU for multiple streams), I doubt it would be stable using a rolling distro and non-standard kernel. Has anyone else tried anything like this? Are there any arc + jellyfin users out there who know any way to make this work, or any openSUSE self-hosters could vouch for its stability? I am willing to try almost any distro (except ubuntu) to make this work.

Edit: fixed. There was some firmware I needed to work on debian. I will link and such in a bit when I have time.

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Hello. These questions are self-hosting related, but I feel they do partially belong here as they are also about fedora linux in general. I have a server which is currently running Debian. It has an arc GPU, and no matter what I do, video encoding refuses to work. I was thinking I might move it to Fedora, but have some questions first.

  1. How are Fedora's updates? I believe they are about once a year, so how is it to switch between versions? I can deal with annual maintenance, but don't want weird issues causing downtime.
  2. Also about updates, how should I do auto updates on fedora?
  3. I am currently on apparmor. I know seLinux has more features, but I have also heard that it can be annoying to deal with.
  4. I mentioned the arc GPU. Has anyone managed to get video encoding working on it on fedora? If so how?

Edit: also, how is it to move a raid over. It is mdadm raid 5 with ext4. It is VERY important that nothing happens to the data, unfortunately I have not yet implemented a backup, although I do intend to soon.

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Basically title. I have a 7600(x)(t) 8G. I want drivers with opencl for hashcat. I know the proprietary ones work, but they are a ludicrously massive PITA. I am willing to use almost any distro to make this work (not Ubuntu, and not one of those random newer ones). I really hope I don't have to use the proprietary drivers.

Edit: found a good enough solution. I listed the card on ebay and will replace it with an intel arc soon.


The video is an old one about Katrina. I need it for homework. I have tried accessing it from CNN's website but CNN in their infinite wisdom put DRM on the video that is publicly available, and I assume that is why it doesn't work on mull, librewolf, or chromium (all show same error about neon request failed). I looked on the generic torrent sites to no avail. Any response would help, the questions are very specific to the video and it is due soon.


I recently found this on Reddit while looking into why jellyfin is effected so much by latency. I found that this worked and thought I would share it because it is generally applicable, takes five minutes to setup, and helps a lot with bandwidth on higher latency connections. I admit I am not sure of the technical stuff behind this, so if anyone would like to chime in that would be much appreciated.

How should I do backups? (
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I have a server running Debian with 24 TB of storage. I would ideally like to back up all of it, though much of it is torrents, so only the ones with low seeders really need backed up. I know about the 321 rule but it sounds like it would be expensive. What do you do for backups? Also if anyone uses tape drives for backups I am kinda curious about that potentially for offsite backups in a safe deposit box or something.

TLDR: title.

Edit: You have mentioned borg and rsync, and while borg looks good, I want to go with rsync as it seems to be more actively maintained. I would like to also have my backups encrypted, but rsync doesn't seem to have that built in. Does anyone know what to do for encrypted backups?


Hello internet users. I have tried gpt4all and like it, but it is very slow on my laptop. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any solutions I could run on my server (debian 12, amd cpu, intel a380 gpu) through a web interface. Has anyone found any good way to do this?


I have SSHFS on my server and would like to have it automatically mounted and store all of the documents, desktop, downloads, etc. on a couple computers. I am able to get it to all work except for mounting on startup. The server is Debian 12 and both clients are Tumbleweed. Nothing in fstab seems to work. When I add x-systemd.automount, well, at best programs that try to use it crash and at worst I have to go through recovery mode to get the system to boot properly. I am using ed25519 keys with no passwords for authentication. Does anyone know how I could get this to work?

How to get a private car (
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Hello internet users. Someone in my family is looking to buy a car and wanted some recommendations for a private one. They are looking to buy new, and need Android Auto and CarPlay. I know all new cars suck for privacy by default, but I was hoping someone here could offer some insight as to which cars can be made better and what cars offer the best experience with minimal compromises on privacy and no subscription bs. I also have a Home Assistant instance that they can access remotely if there are any cars that can work well with that.

Edit: Android auto and CarPlay aren't as important as I thought.

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