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I'm so glad I ditched those services long time ago. Reading this would fuck with my mind if I had some sensitive documents stored in Google Drive.

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It always goes like this. Starting out a baddy, but after half an hour and a couple of evil decisions later I creep towards the good side.

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I can't seem to find a limit with It certainly doesn't tie it to a certain website.

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I'm sorry man. You're the best. Don't give up.

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You little shit...

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I see a lot of people have big meta thoughts and feelings. But mine is relatively small. I find that I live in a different reality since a lot of co-experienced events are remembered differently by the others. Let's say a work meeting, when I think that it was a nice calm and friendly meetig others are heated and steaming by all the insults. The same with emails and other communications Also with a sportmatches. For instance when I really enjoyed a match and thought both teams did a nice job of performing, the media paints a vastly different picture where one team was really awful and performed well belowed standards.

So my perception of reality seems really of from the rest of the population.

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I don't get why they say that? Sure, maybe the attackers don't know that I'm on Ubuntu 21.2 but if they come across and the Paperless-NGX website opens, I'm pretty sure they know they just visited a Paperless install and can try the exploits they know. Yes, the last part was a bit snarky, but I am truly curious how it can help? Since I've looked at proxies multiple times to use it for my selfhosted stuff but I never saw really practical examples of what to do and how to set it up to add an safety/security layer so I always fall back to my VPN and leave it at that.

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Leaning on Google’s expertise in privacy and security

Lol. Google's expertise on privacy. Yeah, they probably know really well how to circumnavigate all those pesky privacy rules.

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Got my head straight to this short (sorry, it's Youtube): hehe

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Yeah. In my mind the old (say 18/1900's) photographs are asociated with a fake background. So you see people posing in front of a screen with some scenery. Like this or this

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It really gives an "old camera" vibe. It would be fitting if the background was fake, just in the old images. You have an eye for composition as well.


I recently acuired a secondhand NUC8I5BEH and installed proxmox on it. But it randomly is unreachable from my LAN. There are no errors in syslog. When I connect a monitor there is no signal. So the NUC seems crashed. The fan is spinning and the LAN lights are on. It's not viewable on my unifi controller and it's not pingable. Where can I start looking for the problem?


I know this is quite personal, but does anybody know of a good sideloading backpack? I have a wandrd prvke 31l, and while I like all the organizing I'm unsure of the looks and it's quite heavy. I have a fjallraven Ulvo 23l and I really like it but it's maybe a bit too small and it's a pain to dig up my camera cube/sling underneath from my coat, drinks and food. The Peak Design Everyday pack is expensive and doesn't look like it works well with the dividers and such.

So I thought maybe there's a hiking or daypack with side loading option. Those are usually less expensive, have good build quality and with a camera cube can function fine as a gear bag. Is there such a backpack?

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I was wondering how much you are using your Steam Deck? And did the games you play on it change since you bought it?

I find that I used it a lot when I first got it, but my usage has gone down in the mean time. That's mostly because I play games that are not a great fit for the Steam Deck (strategy, building, etc.) and I prefer to play those on my PC.


Looking through the instances on their website, a lot of the links are dead or closed for registration. The one that is open and working is promoting a paid version. Is hosting a writefreely instance heavy on resources, attracting the wrong people or just not "cool" enough?


Innovation and privacy go hand in hand here at Mozilla…

Is this the time to drop firefox?

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