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Why the fuck don’t receipts just show up in my bank / credit card statements?

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Firefox usage has plummeted. To be fair, 2% isn’t a huge slice of the pie, but it’s still a pretty large number of users in absolute terms.

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This is such a weird take to be honest… it’s weird to want CS lecturers to work in their free time, it’s weird to expect their applications to be better, and it’s weird because this is something that many lecturers and programmers already do… so I don’t get it, and it feels disrespectful to all of the volunteer foss maintainers?

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He was far from the worst as far as hostility since he was polite and all

It’s good to know there are still decent people in this world 🥰

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There’s something kind of funny about one of the largest expenses being SMS and voice calls to verify phone numbers when one of the largest complaints about signal is the phone number requirement. I wonder how much this cost factors into them considering dropping the phone number requirement.

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What a pointless article. Yeah, people “feel” unsafe on unsecured wifi networks. VPN advertisements have been fear mongering for years. But are they actually unsafe? No. If you use https you are fine. Technically there are more attacks you can do while on the same local network, but I really wouldn’t worry about it in most cases.

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Yeah and some of these people think they’re Brave and Edgy.

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I think this comic might have been from the era when you did have to pay for new versions of OS X… they stopped doing that around Lion I think in 2011 or so.

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It's not just mass production and economies of scale. That's obviously a huge part of it, but the cheap Kindle devices are also definitely sold at a loss with the expectation that you're going to buy a lot of ebooks from Amazon which will more than make up for it (and also some of the devices are ad supported).

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Pulseaudio was also replaced relatively quickly by pipewire.

I really wouldn't say that... PulseAudio has been around since like 2004, and PipeWire's initial release was in 2017 (13 years later). I don't think PulseAudio was incorporated into most distros by default until like 2007 or so, but that's still 10 years before PipeWire was even released. PipeWire is only recently becoming the default in popular distros. We've had to deal with Pulse for a long time.

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Let's Encrypt was a godsend. Getting a TLS certificate before sucked.

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That’s not really something that’s on the horizon at all. There’s some experimental quantum computing stuff, but it’s not really practical for anything yet (and certainly not in a personal computer!) It’s also likely not going to be better at the stuff we use normal CPUs for. Eventually they might be useful for certain classes of problems, but probably in more of a coprocessor like capacity (kind of like a side unit like a GPU that’s good at certain tasks). Obviously it’s unknown what the future holds, but I don’t think quantum computing is going to replace silicon any time soon.

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