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"Microsoft was responsible for the error."

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It's not really "blaming and pointing fingers at Microsoft" if it really is their mistake. Microsoft accidentally uploaded the documents to the link that held public documents, the title and description makes it sound like FTC is running away from something they did.

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Aside from the Nintendo thing, I feel like those leaks were pretty damn boring. Although that controller design looks nice.

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For me the biggest thing was motion controls in the future Xbox controller. To me that means motion controls in XInput, and a standardized motion control library on PC that's not reliant on Steam. Hopefully means multiplats will be more willing to implement them where they make sense, for people who like them.

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"Okay, so get this: we make like...like a Xbox, but it's round"


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Haha there was a reference to that in the beginning of the gamers Nexus video

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I don't see why this would be harmful to them. At the least, I could see that console sales drop for the next year while people wait for the refresh, but otherwise there shouldn't be any consumer impact.

Although, the main thing they're probably upset about is that people know their desire to buy Nintendo, which is a really bad look. I doubt that would get past anti-trust lawsuits anyway.

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Well, if Nintendo isn't a competitor to Microsoft then there's no issue. Right?

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