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#Equality for All

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“No, I mean is it scrambled?”

“You jerk off to eggs? Kids, your dad’s a fuckin weirdo”

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“No, I mean is it parental control?”

“I’m calling the police.”

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"No sir, it's tossed."

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Why is a disabled person having sex more degenerate than abled people doing it

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The porn industry is already exploitative for abled people, and the content featuring disabled people is usually more so.

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I guess more off the mainstream it is then more degenerate it is

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Is chasing disabled people a valid kink? I'm trans and I know I dislike trans chasers, I would imagine many other people and groups are similar.

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Chasing people is being too obsessive with ones kink.

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Why would one preference be less valid than another?

Perfectly fine to be into disabled trans people imo.

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It's not that having a preference is problematic. There's a huge difference between trans/disabled chasing and being open to dating trans and people with disabilities. Chasing is a sort of fetishization mixed in with some dumb ideas about what masculinity is. Whereas a preference in dating is more along the lines of 'i like you and that part of you, you like me, let's do things together that we like.' The difference is about respect and equality in the relationship.

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I don't know what your definition of "chasing" is, but whatever it may be it seems to be independent of the group that's being "chased".

So in that case you could say "chasing" is bad while a preference is not, completely regardless of whether you're talking about trans people, disabled people or any other group.

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I feel like im about to get screamed out of town for this, but it's an honest question in good faith so im gonna ask it... What's the difference between trans chasers and, for instance, a straight dude "chasing" cis women?

It seems like someone being attracted to the combination of your genital configuration and your gender preference/presentation is what you want right?

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When people had a computer that was messing up I used to tease that it's from all the little person porn they watch on their work computer. One lady I worked with laughed and said she's seen disabled porn.

Turns out her roommate was going to school for physical therapy and watching instructional videos with no blurred parts was required and they watched em together.

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They watched porn for physical therapy? So confused.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 9 months ago

It really was, but it made a memorable story I'll keep telling until I die.

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I love this joke. When i read od here it somewhere it reminds me of the Dota 2 Shanghai Major.

The joke is in one of the bits that for the host, James „2GD“ Harding cancelled and called an ass by GabeN himself.

https://youtu.be/5TCnO9XX3OY?si=hVHkGOYT4PUnMqo0 (around 00:50)

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Stop with your ableist microaggression!

/s, btw.

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Creepy. I'm reading this while in my hotel room 332

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