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submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

This may be linked to the recent update since I posted something two days ago without problem, and I saw to other users commenting about the same problem on the upgrade post. It is not an app specific problem: Eternity just says "Error: 400" when trying to post something with an image, but if I use a browser (tried with both Mull on Android and Firefox on Debian), I get the following error:

{"data":{"error":"unknown","message":"Request error: error sending request for url (http://pictrs:8080/image): error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Connection refused (os error 111)"},"state":"success"}

I hope this is the correct place to post about it, sorry if not. Have a good day!


I might be wrong but I'm 90% sure the Shadowrun (ttrpg) community was on this instance. Now I can't find it anywhere (cross-instance community search doesn't find it too) and I can see in my profile that my posts sent there disappeared too.
Was the community closed? I couldn't find this info in the modlog


Seriously, these guys are straight up tankies with nothing worthwhile to contribute. Can we defederate them and isolate their BS?


With the latest announcement regarding google allegedly paying reddit 60million per year for access to user created content to train their AI, what is stopping companies from using the freely available information on the lemmyverse to do it for free?

How does everyone feel about the likelihood of this already happening and should something be done about it?

submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Hello community,

Many of you have been eager to get an update about when the instance will get it's upgrade to the latest version of lemmy. Here's a update along with a tentative timeline.

In December 2023 I purchased a new server for this community. It took me awhile but I eventually made the time to get it racked at the local datacenter. For the sysadmins lingering and those interested here are the specs:

  • Dual Xeon 2.9Ghz CPUs (32 cores total)
  • 256GB ram
  • 4 x 1TB SSD in raid 10 (with room to add 6 more disks)
  • 10gbit networking

While I'm ready to proceed with the upgrade, I've decided to first migrate this instance over to the new hardware. Here are two reasons.

  1. Those of you who have been around long enough may remember that I've been running this instance on "borrowed" unused resources that were available at the time. There are no more resources available for this instance to grow.
  2. There are reports that the latest version of lemmy may use more resources. Given we are among the bigger instances, should I end up in a situation where I need to increase resources to keep things fast I'll be restricted.

Here's the tentative timeline:

Task Date Expected Downtime
Migration to new server Tuesday February 27 2024 @ 8:00PM ET 90 Minutes
Upgrade to V19.3 Thursday February 29 2024 @ 8:00PM ET Up to 120 Minutes
  • If anything major goes wrong on the 27th I will revert back the changes and bring the instance back up on the current server.
  • If anything major goes wrong on the 29th I will revert back using an earlier snapshot. If that fails, I will restore from a backup.

During these two planned events those who want to provide moral support or who want to get periodic updates are more than welcome to join us on our matrix channel

Update February 29 2024
We've successfully completed the upgrade to v1.9.3. I'm happy to announce that we did it in an astonishing 27 minutes, a whole 93 minutes under what was expected. The extra leg work that was done over the last few weeks combined with the better hardware definitely played a part. Looking over the processes, it looks like the service responsible for images is still doing some work so it's possible that you will come across some broken images. I'll be keeping on eye on that over the next bit and make adjustments if needed. Thank you all for the support and to all of you who kept me company on our matrix channel. Have a good evening.

Update February 27 2024
We've successfully completed the migration. I'm happy to announce that this instance is now running on its new hardware dedicated solely to this community! We experienced just under 40 minutes of downtime which is a whole 50 minutes less than expected. Please give this instance a chance to catch up what it missed but we should be good within the next 30 or so minutes. Thank you


Just wondering if we have a revised timeline is for upgrade to 0.19.x.

A couple weeks ago, the target date was "end of the week".

This past weekend, it seems like the target date is "soon".

Is there anything more specific which could be shared at this time, or perhaps a list of outstanding tasks which need to be completed before the upgrade?

As always, big thanks to the admins for keeping this instance running! Thanks for giving me a home on the Fediverse these past few months :)


Would you like to help moderate our instance’s most popular community? [email protected] needs moderators. The current mod went silent several months ago and is presumed to have left Lemmy. If you are interested in taking their place, please comment in the pinned post in that community and we will get you started.
Edit: We found a moderator!

Désirez-vous contribuer à modérer la communauté la plus populaire de notre instance? [email protected] a besoin de modérateurs. Le mod actuel est silencieux depuis plusieurs mois et est présumé avoir quitté Lemmy. Si vous souhaitez prendre leur place, veuillez commenter dans la publication épinglée dans cette communauté et nous vous aiderons à débuter.
Edit : Nous avons trouvé un modérateur !


Thoughts, feelings, discussion and erotic dream journals below.


Your hard work does not go unnoticed, thank you for attention on the recent spam and keeping it off the instance and feeds. Y'all are great


For those using Private message on Lemmy, there is a major vulnerability. It seems that this instance still runs 18.5

I know that our beloved admins are volunteers and busy, so I don't blame them for not updating, but while waiting for the update be aware that your PM are as public as your comments


Does this server have a maximum file size for image uploads? I've encountered the following error when trying to post an image:

{"data":{"msg":"Exceeded maximum dimensions","files":null},"state":"success"}

If a limit exists, is it set by Lemmy as a whole, or on a per-instance basis?


Was this server down in the past day? Seems to be back now, but for a while I kept getting a 522 error. Was this planned maintenance, unplanned outage, or just me? I can't find any mention of anything happening, but it seems like there was a ~4 hour period with no new posts.

On a related note, does a community exist on another instance? Might be useful for discussion and updates when this server occasionally goes down.


Hey mah shitizens, I went to make an simple OC image post on [email protected] and the "browse" image upload dialog will not open. Tried logging out, then logging back in and restarted my phone. Android, firefox, all updated recently. I also tried uploadingcit from checked my android and browser media permissions. Halp


Just starting out here, but so far very intrigued and appreciated to see what this community has done.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and look forward to the future!


This has been a fun adventure into the fediverse and I appreciate all of you here. From the admins, to fellow users at, and further to all other users I've interacted with from other lemmy instances and beyond.

I hope you all have happy and safe celebrations tonight (or had if you're ahead) and I look forward to growing our community further n 2024!


There's that weird place discussed by the other instance's admin here:

It’s a small nitherlandian instance that automated posting of christian testimonies (30k+, basically a youtube crawler by keywords, updated hourly) in one community and others are filled with conspiralogical content. Maybe they had their place somewhere before?

Haven’t seen a direct bigotry at a quick glance (closing my eyes on muslims finding christian Jesus-posts), but it looks like spreading conspiracies and serving as an ad for a cult. Is that against our rules? They sometime showed in my feed too. And they are an outright spam entity having 30k posts for like 50 users.

I think that's either a sectarian indocrination or someone being very ill in the head.

I vouch for defederating them and maybe contacting them if they need personal support.

It's exactly what some of youtubers would do a write up about a year after.


As seen in the linked thread, a two-week old comment is visible via the direct link but is no longer listed under the post itself.

(I believe there’s also a deleted reply to the comment, but I expect that behavior will be addressed via upgrade.)


Out of curiosity. For starters I'm a bit of both


On my first page of comments, I said, "Your comment was removed, I wonder why." I wanted to see the context and I kept following it back and an entire thread was missing if I go back far enough. There was no wheel of death or "deleted by user" or whatever it says. There was no removal in the mod logs. I don't think this is malice, but why aren't they keeping up the thread and just saying "removed by mod" or "deleted by user"? It's super confusing and it makes some really interesting threads just disappear. Is this instance rules or Lemmy rules?


Playing around with my old laptop today. Found out that Browsers are about it for Lemmy. Even though I'm on Windows 7, I said old, and can't even use my vpn surfshark, on here, shitjustworks.

submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

It says you'll be able to block instances on a personal level, I'd like that option.

I should also say thanks for all that you guys do, I'm just checking on the status.

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