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Or it is one of the small minority of Republicans who remain loyal to America, instead of their neofascist putsch.

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Convicted Sex Offender Treason Trump is also a professional con man and fraudster. Are there any crimes that Loser Trump is not guilty of?

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If Musk wants me to use his shitty crap site, I will be charging him a small monthly fee.

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Ellis, one of 18 Trump associates charged in Georgia election subversion case, says she ‘simply can’t support him’ aga

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Lindsey Graham was one of the people who tried to get the GA secretary of state to overthrow democracy. Every time this neofascist enemy of America is shown on the news I get mad at the f*cking media for bothering to get the opinion of a neofascist enemy like it is a normal thing.

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[ Biggs called into a vigil held by pro-insurrectionists outside the jail and declared that his 17-year sentence was "insanity," even though it was half what prosecutors had asked for. "They can kiss my ass.]

Nobody is going to be kissing your ass in prison, dumbass. You are going to be kissing other people's ass.

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There maybe a correlation at some level, because you cant critically think about a medium without any exposure.

On the flip side, there is also a counter correlation. Younger people do not have a lifetime of background memories to compare things to. If they hear a politician is "corrupt", they have little idea how it compares to others on the scale between grave and trivial. And if judging if a president is good or bad, they don't know how to compare them to previous presidents.

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it will deprecate WordPad with a future Windows update as it’s no longer under active development

It doesn't need "active development" because it is perfect the way it is. Unix/Linux has tons of useful programs that haven't been in active development for 40-50 years.

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I like using it when I want to create a simple rtf document and not use a bloated Office.

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I’ve been reading the same “Trump is about to be in trouble” articles since 2015.

This article is about "election deniers", not just Convicted Sex Offender Treason Trump.

...far-right Proud Boys group received long sentences despite their pleas for mercy...

...judge ruled that Giuliani had lost the defamation suit...

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Yeah, would love to ban them from the list of allowed sources.

Then you would have to ban every media outlet from the list of allowed sources.

I HATE when news plays on emotions, tribalism, clickbaiting, etc. and CNN checks all those boxes.

LOL not that CNN is my favorite source, but this is not a talking head tribalism segment. It is a substantive news article and it is not wrong.

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Every other media source is also in the business of selling headlines.

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Reminder that Steve Bannon frankly confessed Trump's Start the Steal conspiracy plans to a group of Trump insiders before the election.


…audio from Trump advisor, Steve Bannon, surfaced from October 31st, 2020, just a few days before the Presidential election.

Let’s listen. [Begin Videotape]

STEVE BANNON: And what Trump’s going to do is declare victory, right? He’s going to declare victory, but that doesn’t mean he’s a winner. He’s just gonna say he’s a winner. The Democrats — more of our people vote early that count. Theirs vote in mail. And so they’re going to have a natural disadvantage and Trump’s going to take advantage — that’s our strategy.

He’s gonna declare himself a winner. So when you wake up Wednesday morning, it’s going to be a firestorm. Also — also if Trump is — if Trump is losing by 10 or 11:00 at night, it’s going to be even crazier. Because he’s gonna sit right there and say they stole it. If Biden’s wining, Trump is going to do some crazy shit.

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