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It is strange to be living through history. A time when the most stable democracy in the world saw an attempted coup by a President who only stepped down when his attempt to stop the transition of power failed. Then he used his grip on a following of poorly educated racists to maintain a stranglehold on a major party to force his return to leadership knowing the party would collapse if he took his following with him. Trump is a villain for the ages.

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Trump should have been behind bars since the afternoon of Jan 6.

He should have been impeached immediately, and arrested and indicted for inciting an insurrection.

And every Republican in Congress should have been 100 percent on board with that.

But... If we set aside for a moment that they are a party of traitors, that still doesn't explain why Merrick Garland wasn't putting the cuffs on Trump the day he was sworn in as the new AG.

IT'S ABSOLUTE MADNESS THAT TRUMP IS ALLOWED TO WALK AROUND FREE. In our entire history, we've never come closer to losing our democracy. Including the civil war.

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Something I take heart in is the fact that Hitler, before World War 2, was considered controversial as well. A lot of people thought it was improper to mock or criticize a world leader, and that he had good reasons for doing what he wanted to do, and that America shouldn't be involved in foreign conflicts, and so on.

Of course, the judgment of history is (properly) that he is a racist, xenophobic, warmongering madman and we stopped him too late if anything.

I feel pretty confident Trump is gonna wind up remembered the same way.

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I'm going to need a source for "the most stable democracy in the world" part

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We have large turnovers constantly. Our system is inherently unstable, even if one side actually tried to build as hard as the other side destroys, we'd just end up constantly building and destroying on a cycle. We've been destroying more than we build since the 90s when neoliberals convinced voters if they tried half as hard, they'd maintain power and slowly make progress.

But that hasn't made us stable, we've just been taking two steps back and one forward. A slow march to dystopia

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Pretty sure Britain's parliament is like a thousand years old.

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Maybe 700 years old, but most of the middle class couldn't vote until 1832.

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Wait, y'all really think you were "the most stable democracy in the world" at any point in history?

You had a civil war.

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lmao American democracy was being destroyed the moment Reagan made lobbying a thing. All Trump did was show how fucking broken our system is and how close we can get to being a fascist regime without actually becoming one.

Biden should really be saying “we are destroying American democracy”, because until corporate interests get the fuck out of politics as a whole, American “democracy” will always be a theatre show to convince us we still matter to them.

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I hate it.

I hate how every single web leads back to Reagan. Dude had incredible charisma and destroyed so many things.

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It's not hyperbole. The republicans literally want to end representative government in this country.

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It's not just Trump, the majority of the Republican party is complicit and in reality got there first.

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Anyone who was paying attention 3 years ago knows this

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Why would Trump try to copy Reagan's signature achievement?

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And in related news, the sky is made of air.

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